5 taboos when creating a first date look

The first date has a special meaning. Sometimes it is from him that it is curled whether the relationship will last further or not. The main task of the first date is to make an unforgettable impression and to please. Therefore, we must take seriously the creation of the image. Of course, every woman wants to look as attractive as possible. However, it is worth considering that there are several taboos.

  1. Shiny dress in rhinestones and sequins

Even if the girl just wants to blind the young man, one should not wear too shiny dress. It will create an impression of lightness and self-confidence. It just might scare a man off. In addition, rhinestones and sequins are no longer in vogue. Better to replace glitter with a discreet outfit. Then the companion will be able to appreciate not only the appearance, but also pay attention to the internal qualities.

  1. T-shirts with funny pictures and incomprehensible inscriptions

There is nothing wrong with the inscriptions and pictures, but a man may think that he is dealing with a frivolous and windy girl. Don’t make that impression about yourself. If a girl wants to go to a T-shirt, then it should be plain and not flashy.

  1. Skinny jeans or leggings

Girls with an ideal figure really want to demonstrate all their advantages. Therefore, they prefer skinny pants, leggings or skinny jeans for their first date. It looks attractive and sexy. But why show your seductive forms on the first date? Everything should be consistent and gradual. Don’t rush things. Keep the pants tight but classic. Classics will always remain timeless and will be in fashion at all times.

  1. Oversized sweater

No one will argue with the fact that it is comfortable in a bulky sweater. But for a first date, it will not work even if it’s cold outside. The time for formless things will come after a while. Until this time has come, it is worth choosing a thing that will not hang on the figure as a shapeless bag, but will emphasize all the advantages.

  1. Mini skirt

A short skirt will attract attention, but should you do it? Perhaps the young man will be so absorbed in the girl’s appearance that he will not pay attention to her inner world at all. It is better to give preference to a knee-length skirt. She will show the slenderness of the legs, and will not take all the attention of a man.

It is worth remembering one well-known phrase: they are greeted by their clothes. Therefore, you need to look so that a man wants to meet a girl more than once.


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