5 things I find weird as a non-mom

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Ah, motherhood! A real happiness, it seems, but also a great mystery! For women who don’t have children, you have to admit that a lot of things seem strange, if not incomprehensible.

Being a mom is surely one of the best adventures there is. But when you don’t know that life, there are a lot of things that seem unlikely …

1. Count in months

– “How old is your son?”

– “22 months, next week!”

Basically, your child is furiously approaching his 2 years… But what is this mania for counting months for babies?


2. Cut baby food with your teeth

As a mom, you see a thousand and one good reasons to put that piece of chicken in your mouth before giving it to your baby. But as a non-mom, it doesn’t feel clean or logical.


3. Talk about food like a bomb

– “Louise wants to taste the strawberry. Can I give him a piece? ”


– “So white chocolate?”

Between the indications of the pediatrician, the nursery, the girlfriends and Google, it is panic as soon as this little being crunches into something new.


4. Talking gaga

Sure, your baby doesn’t speak yet, but if you talk to him completely gaga, that’s not how he’ll learn! And yet, we all said we would never do that …


5. Chat only baby

“My baby has had a huge poo that goes up to his neck!”, “Yours too, he throws his fascinator on the ground when he’s finished?” Apparently, once a parent, the boundary between private and public suddenly disappears. As long as they don’t know it …


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