5 things men find unattractive in women’s wardrobe

Men and women look at the world differently and their notions of attractiveness are also different. What the fair sex likes to wear, since they consider it super fashionable, is simply bewildering for the stronger half. Women should know what things men especially dislike.

  1. Oversize

Today, oversized things have appeared in the women’s wardrobe. They are comfortable and practical. You can feel free in them, since oversize does not hinder movement. In addition, they perfectly hide a couple of extra pounds. However, men do not understand this fashion. They do not like it when the lady of their heart comes on a date in shapeless things.

  1. Culottes

Culottes are especially popular lately. Men do not share women’s predilections for this model of trousers. It seems to them that this model makes a fragile girl more stocky. It seems to the male imagination that culottes are neither a skirt nor trousers. They certainly cannot understand such a fashion. Therefore, you should not cause bewildered glances of your soulmate.

  1. Bright tights

Many girls like to draw attention to their legs with brightly colored tights. Of course, all the glances of passers-by are directed only in that direction. Men think that such a girl is too brave, you can expect anything from her. Therefore, they just try to bypass such a bold fashionista.

  1. Lingerie style dresses

Last year, underwear style came into fashion. The outfits only emphasize the feminine sophistication and beauty. True, men did not like this fashion. This is due to the fact that all representatives of the stronger sex are owners. They don’t like it when outsiders pay too much attention to their soul mate. Therefore, it is best not to wear such dresses, so as not to once again cause jealousy or create a false image of yourself.

  1. Ballet flats

In summer, there is nothing more comfortable than ballet flats. You can walk in them tirelessly for a long time. According to the survey, men don’t like it when a woman is wearing ballet flats. It seems to the stronger sex that the legs of their chosen one immediately increase in size and look disproportionate. In addition, women’s gait changes. She becomes more awkward and the woman looks less graceful. Men like women in high heels.

Women should not only blindly follow fashion, but also listen to the opinion of their man.


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