5 tips to help you draw perfect arrows

Modern makeup is not complete without arrows. It helps to give expressiveness to the look. However, girls often do not draw arrows, since they cannot do it smoothly, without errors. To prevent this from happening, you need to use the advice of professionals.

  1. Scotch

This method is offered by many professionals in their lessons. The sequence is as follows:

  • You should not glue the strip right away. You must first stick it on your hand. Then it will be easier to remove it after drawing the arrows.
  • You need to glue the tape at the angle that a particular girl needs.
  • Arrows are drawn from the outer corner to the inner corner. In this case, be sure to ensure that there is no free space left along the lash line.
  • The tape is removed when the eyeliner is dry.
  • A cotton swab will help remove any remaining eyeliner.

In this way, it is convenient to apply classic arrows. They turn out to be perfectly flat.

  1. Circuit

This method is suitable not only for classic arrows. This way you can draw arrows of any shape. This is done like this:

  • First, a simple sketch is done with a pencil.
  • Then the outline is drawn more carefully, the edges are aligned.
  • The empty space is shaded with a pencil.
  • The eyeliner is applied on top.

With this method of drawing arrows, an arrow is first drawn, and then shadows are applied. Otherwise, the pencil will not lie flat.

  1. Invisible

The method is suitable for girls who have little experience. It is enough to apply the eyeliner to the side of the invisible. Then the invisibility is applied to the outer corner of the eye. The arrow is drawn with eyeliner.

  1. Strokes

Points or strokes are drawn before the arrows are drawn. This is done with eyeliner. An arrow is marked with a dotted line, and then neatly all the strokes are connected. As a result, the arrow is neat and even. In this way, you can draw arrows of the most different shapes.

  1. Shadows and then eyeliner

Makeup artists offer to cheat in the event that even arrows are not yet obtained. First you need to apply the base. Then the makeup will be more permanent. After the base is applied, shadows are applied and only after that the arrows. This will help hide any flaws.

These tips will help girls draw perfectly straight arrows.

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