5 tips to look beautiful in your wedding photos

Be beautiful in your photos: prepare your skin properly

To be beautiful in your wedding photos, the ideal is to have clear and luminous skin on the big day. For this, you can make purifying masks and scrubs up to one week before the ceremony. The days before the wedding, avoid exfoliating your skin at the risk of seeing some imperfections and redness. However, do not skimp on hydration and perform regenerating and plumping treatments as necessary.

Be beautiful in your photos: work more on your complexion

In order for the skin to look beautiful in photos, it is important to work on your complexion makeup with a little more precision than usual. The principal objective : camouflage them redness and imperfections which will tend to be more visible in photos. For this, use a foundation then a foundation mat or semi mat. Choose it the same color as your skin so that there is no demarcation in the image. Then apply a anticernes ½ tone lighter to illuminate the eyes and a mattifying powder on the middle zone.

Be beautiful in your photos: balance color levels

Using a bronzer, lightly darken the neck area which tends to stand out in the photos. If you have a low-cut dress, also consider unifying your skin and applying a veil of bronzer to this area. Apply a little bronzer too behind the ears, especially if you are going to have your hair tied back for your wedding.

Be beautiful in your photos: bring shine

To create a contrast with your matte, even complexion, you can illuminate the cheekbone area using a satin cream blush or illuminating powder. However, have a very light hand because the pearls will tend to stand out in the photos. Apply highlighter only on two zones of the face (the cheekbones and the browbone for example) to keep makeup fresh and natural.

Be beautiful in your photos: stay true to yourself

To be sure of having successful wedding photos, you must opt ​​for makeup you are used to wearing and that definitely highlights you. Do not try to try new things or wear too heavy makeup that will not look like you … the result will inevitably be disappointing! You can choose between an intense gaze, a pretty line of liner, rosewood lips or a glamorous red mouth. If possible, avoid intense makeup on the lips and eyes to maintain a beautiful harmony. Finally, use waterproof materials which will ensure you a better hold and an impeccable rendering.



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