5 tips to make stress go away before marriage

When your other half proposed, you found the wait endless … Today, between last minute changes and excitement, you don’t know where to turn. Our advice to avoid stress.

1- Make a to do list

You are not a machine, you cannot remember every detail. To avoid missing out on certain crucial information (picking up Mamie Yvonne at the station for example), we strongly recommend that you start a list of tasks, more commonly known as to do list by our Anglo-Saxon friends. Make a copy of this list for your witnesses and your man. Thus, if the precious leaf were to disappear – forgotten in jeans or on the kitchen table – you will always have the possibility of turning to its linings!

Make a to-do list, in a pretty notebook, so you don’t forget anything © Elena Fleutiaux

2- Learn to delegate

Do you think you will have time to arrange the floral arrangements in the church, to brief the caterer on the reception, to guide all the latecomers to the town hall and to prepare yourself on the morning of your wedding? Impossible. No, you are not Supergirl. Learn how to delegate these small tasks that seem manageable taken separately, but together create incredible chaos. Small decorative details? It is up to your cousin Geraldine to manage them. The lost guests? The witness of your man, endowed with a foolproof sense of direction should be able to take care of it! As for your phone, give it to your witness. Nothing should disturb you. Also do not hesitate to ask your bridesmaids.

Ask for help around you on D-Day. © Laurent Brouzet.

3- Plan your bridal kit

To be stranded for handkerchiefs the day you exchange your vows with your lover is ugly! Especially if you’re the type to drop a tear of happiness… Better safe than sorry. This is why we advise you to prepare a bundle that you will take with you and give to your witnesses on the big day. ? Handkerchiefs of course, a small makeup bag, your wishes, deodorant, flats for the end of the evening, wipes In short, everything that seems essential to you and reassures you.

A special bridal first aid kit © Unsplash

4- Take stock with your service providers

A florist, a hairdresser, a caterer, a place of reception… So many professionals that will need to be coached before your pretty day. Take the time to give them a call to find out if everything is ready and if there are any last minute details to consider.. You will be more peaceful and these professionals will not have to deal with these unforeseen events on D-Day. Thanks to their experience, they can also give you their best advice and guide you in the event of a misstep.

Take stock with your wedding providers. © Sylvain Bouzat

5- Rest (or at least, try!)

Easier said than done, do you want to answer us! However, you must rest before D-Day, to have a fresh complexion, without those awful dark circles, and quite simply to be zen. If the thought of closing your eyes makes you feel relaxed, put on a good movie and let yourself be rocked. Make an appointment for a relaxing massage, switch off your phone for a few hours to enjoy these moments of calm. In a few days, a few hours, you will be standing up to live the first day of the rest of your life.

Learn to relax © Laurent Brouzet

Delegate, manage and de-stress: these are the key words you should have in mind before your big day. Have no fear, everything will be fine …

Article proposed by Marion Auvray from the Zankyou Weddings site.

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