5 Tips to prevent the loss of collagen in the skin

Did you know that the loss of collagen from the skin starts from the age of 30? About 1% of the amount of collagen in the skin decreases each year. With that in mind, we’ve prepared 5 tips to assist in your skin health care. As it is responsible for the firmness and support of the skin, the loss of this substance causes sagging and the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines, especially on the face. With this, it is essential that care happens from an early age. Knowing habits to avoid this loss are essential for skin care.

Collagen loss in the skin
Do you know which habits accelerate collagen loss and what you can do to help slow this process down?

There are several factors that can contribute to the acceleration of collagen loss through the skin. Restrictive diets are an example, as well as not stimulating protein production through dermatological products. Although it is a natural process in our body and there is no way to avoid it, there is a way to slow down this loss of collagen.

With that in mind, we’ve separated 5 tips that will help you keep your skin healthy.

take care of your food
Having a conscious and balanced diet is essential for several reasons, including to delay the process of collagen loss. We know that the main villain is sugar, and when consumed in excess, in addition to promoting weight gain, it accelerates aging and favors the loss of elasticity in the skin. But understand, some foods also help in the formation of collagen. Citrus fruits, oats, beets, tomatoes, dark green and orange vegetables, meats and eggs are some of them. So balancing your diet thinking about the vitamins your body needs is already a great ally in your day-to-day.

avoid cigarette
Cigarettes, which in addition to contributing to a series of health problems, are also directly linked to the formation of free radicals, which directly reach the collagen fibers (also elastin) of the deepest layer of the skin and prevent the formation of new ones. This causes premature aging and the appearance of wrinkles and expression marks.

Solar radiation is a serious problem for the skin, as it destroys collagen fibers. Therefore, it is essential to use sunscreen every day (minimum protection 30). But that’s not all: you have to use it, even on cloudy days and indoors. Also, don’t forget to replenish it whenever you’re at the pool or

drink lots of water
Unhydrated skin opens the door for free radicals to act on collagen. Therefore, and for other health benefits, there is an indication to drink at least two liters of water daily.

Powdered collagen supplementation
collagen is the ideal ingredient for protein blend formulations, offering a unique amino acid composition. It is an easy-to-use protein and can be applied in various products, such as protein bars, sachets, drinks and food supplements. Collagen peptides offer numerous nutritive benefits for skin health, mobility and for athletes during and after exercise. Therefore, care goes beyond dermatological treatments, and requires a search for a balance of various aspects of daily life, which directly interfere with the health of our body.


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