5 trendy hair shades this fall

With the onset of autumn, many girls want to change their hair color in order to resist the autumn blues. The question arises: what color should you dye your hair? Hair stylists offer several trendy options.

  1. Ginger colour

Red hair is always bright and catchy. We can say that the girl’s attention is guaranteed. Therefore, it is a great way to stand out from the crowd on gray autumn days. If you don’t really want to be too catchy, you can do hair coloring using the ombre technique. Then you can combine red shades with darker ones. It looks impressive due to the contrast obtained and at the same time not too bright, like just copper hair strands.

  1. Ash color

Ash hair has remained relevant for several years. The fashion for ash hair is due to the fact that it suits any eye color and also looks good on any hair length. We can say that ash shades are universal shades that will suit a large number of the fair sex.5 trendy hair shades this fall

  1. Strawberry and pink blond

Probably a couple of years ago, many would not have believed that strawberry and pink shades would come into fashion. Only we are not talking about a bright pink color, but about a light shade that helps the blonde stand out and gives her a kind of zest.

As for the strawberry blonde, this is the perfect solution for girls who cannot choose between blonde and a bright shade of hair. Strawberry blonde is a cross between these two colors.5 trendy hair shades this fall

  1. Coffee shades

Many people cannot imagine an autumn morning without a cup of coffee! Coffee shades of hair are in fashion this season. This is an option for those girls who want to change, but not drastically. The coffee shade will simply add color depth and saturation.5 trendy hair shades this fall

  1. Cover and chocolate

New trendy hair colors for this fall season. These are soft and warm colors. Hairdressers suggest simply adding these shades to your hair to create a feeling of autumn warmth and coziness. Cinnamon and chocolate will help to make your hair sparkle with new bright colors and shades.

Autumn is a good time to experiment with your hair color. So you can cheer yourself up and get rid of the autumn blues. In addition, with a new shade of hair, a woman will always look new, fresh and mysterious.5 trendy hair shades this fall


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