5 trendy shades of manicure spring-summer 2020

With the end of winter, I really want warmth, more sunny days and bright colors. The arrival of spring is expected not only on the street. Bright colors should also be added to clothes, makeup and manicure. In the new spring-summer 2020 season, you can be bright with stylish manicure. In this beauty industry, trends do not change often, so in the upcoming season, the already loved styles will be intertwined with new nail trends.

Main trends spring – summer 2020

So that no one gets bored, nail masters have prepared interesting new items:

  • Bubble manicure with foam. This effect can be achieved with the help of soap foam, which is involved in the process. Nails are traditionally covered with any favorite shade of varnish, and then foam is applied to part of the nail plate or the entire surface of the nail. The whole thing is dried and fixed. This technique allows you to get unique patterns on your nails.

  • Transparent design. Natural manicure is in trend, and designs like a transparent jacket are becoming more and more popular.

  • Manicure with a pattern. You can diversify the image with the help of a manicure by a virtuoso master who is able to create a beautiful and picturesque drawing on the nail plate.

  • Geometric elements – conciseness, simplicity and minimalism.

Original nail decor opens up a lot of possibilities for masters and clients

TOP 5 fashionable shades

To stay fashionable, you just need to choose one of 5 topical shades in this season’s manicure.

  1. Burning Crimson Flame Scarlet. This shade will never go out of fashion, it is chosen by decisive and self-confident women. The red coating is out of fashion for many, because it is relevant to any look. If you want to emphasize sexuality and be in trend, this shade is beyond competition.

  1. Saffron Amber Yellow is a sophisticated color that can add zest, piquancy and spice to an image. This shade of manicure will appeal to both young girls and women of mature age. On a sultry day on vacation, it will look incredible. If it is too early to think about rest, it is not difficult to please yourself, it is enough to opt for the shade of Saffron.

  1. Classic blue is a trendy shade reminiscent of the endless sea and sky. In the spring-summer season of 2020, manicure made in these colors will allow a woman to always be fashionable.

  1. Purple Grape Compote is an interesting and complex shade that resembles a compote made from grapes, with the addition of other seasonal berries and fruits.

  1. Sunlight is a trendy, discreet shade for the spring-summer 2020 season. This gentle, soft and light shade will help you survive the heat in an urban environment. A manicure done in this color looks great at a business meeting or at a pool party. This universal color will surely appeal to all lovers of nude manicure.

It is not difficult to be in trend of the nail industry. Well-groomed hands and a trendy shade of manicure will make any woman confident and luxurious.

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