5 tricks in creating an image that will hide the completeness

A poorly chosen style of clothing can make you look fuller, even if you are a slim model. The same is with ineptly selected decor and accessories: they can only focus on individual flaws in the figure. However, there is also the opposite effect: many things can really make you slimmer, stretch your silhouette vertically, adjust proportions, “lose” a couple of kilograms, or even years. decided to choose the 5 most successful techniques and rules in creating an image that will hide the completeness.

Monochrome image in one color

Looks in a single color or shades that are similar in tone can really create a visual vertical. Thus, the silhouette is stretched, the figure becomes slimmer, and the growth is taller. It is quite possible to afford a suit in one color. Ladies in body tend to choose black. But it can be too boring and will only pale you. Therefore, when it comes to basic dark and restrained shades that are often used for a business look, it is better to prefer: classic blue, bottle green, dark red or wine shade of burgundy, purple, gray and graphite, olive and khaki, chocolate.

You can safely add brightness to the image and use even light pastel colors. Do not be afraid of the usual myth that light color makes you look fat. This misconception certainly does not concern the monochrome image. Therefore, you can choose mustard and saffron yellow, lemon and salad, bright orange and scarlet, coral and lavender, pale pink or blue for the total look.

It is not at all necessary to choose a suit made of fabric of the same color; it is enough to maintain a single color scheme in a monochrome image, even if in different shades. If you have wide hips but narrow shoulders, make the bottom of your look darker and the top lighter. It can be chocolate pants and a lighter tone blouse, a navy blue skirt and a lighter denim blue top.

Fitted dress

It is not at all necessary to wear shapeless robes in which you will look like a “bus”. This is especially true for those with large breasts. Hanging in front of the chest, such a hoodie will only create the effect of shapelessness and excessive fullness, which, in fact, you do not have. A good technique can be an accent on the belt, especially if you have a curvy chest and wide hips, but a graceful waistline. For such a figure, a beautiful fitted dress, a wide dress with a belt, and, of course, a wrap dress – an asymmetrical diagonal line successfully distracts from figure flaws.

If your figure differs in volume in the abdominal area, you can choose a dress with a high waistline and a smooth transition to the hips. Here it is better not to use a belt, but choose an A-shaped cut or a “trapezoid” cut. Tight hips will help hide a fluffy or flared skirt from the waist. High breasts will be emphasized by a fitted bodice or a deep neckline.

It is better to avoid a tight cut in this case, let the dress be loose enough. But the emphasis on the waist is definitely needed. A shirt dress on a belt is perfect for such a reception. Choose the length midi or maxi. But if you have slender legs and narrow knees, you can easily afford a mini with a length just above the knee, revealing their grace and beauty.

Wide leg trousers

A great option both for every day and for a business look. A high waist, even a high waist, will hide the protruding belly and wide hips, and reduce the sides. Trousers with a corset top that reaches to the chest look especially good in this case. And it is not at all necessary to wear blouses or shirts over such trousers. The high belt line allows you to tuck the top inside the trousers. Visually, such a technique will lengthen your legs to the maximum, make you taller and slimmer and, again, will be able to highlight a beautiful lush breasts.

In this case, the length of the trousers must be full, even close the shoes. The length to the bone or 7/8 will only shorten the legs and reduce the height, moreover, this length is acceptable, mainly, for tight-fitting options. We are now talking about wide trousers, you can even choose flared options. If the trousers are business, it is good to iron them with a vertical arrow on the front leg. This will make the silhouette more graphic and lengthen the leg line even more.

Trouser overalls

One of the most popular trends this year is the pantsuit. Not only is it fashionable, but also perfect for plus size girls. Again, in these jumpsuits it is better to use wide straight trousers and a slightly high waist. But it is quite possible to choose overalls with trousers, tapering to the bottom, but not tight. Even cuff options are allowed, but not shortened, but full length, covering the ankle.

At its core, the jumpsuit allows you to create a monochrome look in one fell swoop. You do not need to select the top and bottom separately, but you can immediately dress in one color. For overalls, as opposed to suits or combined tops and bottoms, it is better to choose darker colors. That said, they don’t have to be dull: reds and terracotta, violets and purples, grass greens and electric blue are great options, but prints should be avoided.

It is desirable that the top of the jumpsuit is with sleeves. Just a great model for overweight girls – military-style overalls, made of dense fabrics (jeans, corduroy, tight velor, suit), with full-length or 3/4 sleeves, with a shirt collar and buttons to the waist on the front strap, with shoulder straps and chest pockets. You can also choose jumpsuits in lightweight fabrics with short and wide sleeves or bat sleeves.


Why do you think we have repeatedly mentioned shirt tops for dresses or overalls? Because it’s the perfect way to stretch your silhouette with a triangular V-neck. It is enough to unbutton a few buttons, focusing on the chest. And the sharp and narrow deep neckline, together with the continuing buttoned buttons along the placket, will act on the vertical principle, visually stretching the silhouette and making the figure slimmer and more graceful.

This technique is especially useful if you have a too bulky top, wide shoulders and large chest. The V-shaped triangular neckline perfectly lengthens the neck, makes the head fit more refined, highlights the fragility of the collarbones. It does not have to be a shirt with a pointed collar, although this looks the most optimal. You can safely wear V-neck T-shirts, oversized blouses, sweaters and jumpers, knitted dresses, jackets and blazers, or tight tops that you wear under them.

Author: Tatiana Maltseva

How to look slimmer
How to look slimmer

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