The appearance of gray hair does not please the fair sex. Gray hair always adds a bit of age.

The appearance of gray hair does not please the fair sex. Gray hair always adds a bit of age. And, although some prefer to remain gray, saying that it is fashionable today, others try to paint over the gray hair. In order not to radically change the natural hair color, today experts offer several types of coloring that will hide gray hair.

1. Highlights

Highlighting familiar to everyone will become salvation if gray hair is at least 20 percent then the hair will not be very different, and gray hair will not be noticeable. A big plus is that the grown roots are not immediately visible and not striking. Therefore, they will not need to be tinted every month.

If there is an opportunity to consult a colorist, then this must be done. A professional will help you choose the right shade that is ideal for a particular woman. Then after highlighting you will not have to get used to the new hair color.

2. Booking

Bronding is the same highlighting, but on dark hair. Using this staining technique, brunettes can hide gray hair. In this case, everything will be done as naturally as possible. The shades of the paint will be close to the natural hair color.

When bronzing, smooth transitions are created, which helps to smooth out the difference in shades as much as possible. Recently, this technique is gaining more and more popularity among brunettes.

3. Balayage

The technique involves lightening the strands that are highlighted. Gray hair is usually painted over with a silvery shade. The transitions and shades of color will help the hairstyle become more luxuriant, and the hair will shine.

4. Shatush

Stretching the color along the entire length is what the shatush implies. The paint stretches evenly. Therefore, the shades change smoothly and imperceptibly, which helps to simply hide gray hair. At the same time, the hair looks spectacular.

5. Fiolet

Fiolet assumes that the coloring composition will be applied first. After the hair is completely covered with the composition, a brightening paste is applied. Sometimes a cream is used instead of a paste. The color turns out to be a little unusual and unusual. The hair just starts to play. As a result, the gray hair is masked again.

It is best to paint over gray hair with a professional hairdresser. He will help you choose the technique that is most suitable for a particular woman.



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