5 unattractive things women think men like

Many women want to be irresistible and constantly attract male attention. Long, well-groomed hair, slim figure, bright makeup, manicure, sexy clothes – these things, in the opinion of women, attract men. But sometimes women are wrong and men may not be attracted at all.

Little doesn’t mean bad

Women are used to thinking that men love big breasts. A beautiful neckline attracts looks and attention, but not all men want to see a lady with magnificent breasts next to them. Some people like neat breasts up to the second size, while others even joke “the larger the breasts in youth, the more convenient it is to tuck them into jeans in old age.

And some men even have a disgust for silicone breasts and promote naturalness.

Dice are not thrown … and so on

Girls are used to thinking that the ideal figure is 90 60 90 parameters. Ladies endlessly sit on diets, go to fitness and lose weight by the summer. But not all men like thin girls. A woman weighing more than 100 kilograms can find true love, and at the same time be the most beautiful for her chosen one. There is a category of men who prefer curvy girls and find them more attractive.

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Not everyone likes Rapunzel

Long hair has long been considered the standard of femininity. Ancient times are long gone, and women still think that they must have a braid to the waist. It’s time to stop thinking that way. In the 21st century, many men like girls with short hair. Whether it’s a cute bob or a cheeky pixie haircut.

Simplicity and convenience are now valued. For this reason, many men prefer women with short hair. She woke up combing her hair and went, while the long-haired beauty will spend several hours on her hair and styling.

Thumbelina is also not in trend

Girls taller than 180 cm tend to drive themselves into complexes thinking that they are too tall and because of this men do not like them. It is not true. Many men like tall girls. Especially those whose height has long exceeded 160 cm. It is simply inconvenient when a guy is two heads taller than his chosen one, or even more. Although this is of course individual.

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How long does a girl prepare for the first meeting with a new boyfriend? At least two hours! Hairstyle, makeup, manicure, waxing and a bunch of other things to impress. All these manipulations make the appearance more attractive, but men also like natural beauty. A girl in a stretched long T-shirt, without makeup and with a careless ponytail on her head touches and pleases the eye. Also, men like freckles that are not smeared with a ton of foundation, natural eyelashes instead of extended ones, and other gifts of nature that girls are trying to hide and fix.

Girls go out of their way trying to be attractive, complex about height, weight and breast size. They forget that men like them the way nature created them. First of all, girls need to love themselves.

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