5 universal fragrances: perfume for any season

Militta offers fragrances that will give you a feeling of joy, charm in an instant, embrace a cloud of fragrance, reveal true elegance and style, stay with you for a long time and cheer you up in any season.

1.Chance Eau Vive Chanel. Year of release – 2015

The perfumer is Olivier Polge. A fragrance for women, belongs to the group of floral-woody-musky fragrances.

Eau Vive Chanel is a fragrance from the Chance family. This is an invigorating floral scent full of energy and vivid impressions. The top notes of the composition from the first moments give citrus freshness, permeated with sparkling hints of grapefruit and red orange.

Citrus accords seem to pulsate on the skin, keeping their sound for a long time. Jasmine and white musk add sensuality and depth to the fragrance. Vetiver, white cedar and iris reveal the true elegance of the perfume, creating a mood that you want to stay with throughout the day.

Universal scents

2.Black Opium, Floral Shock YSL. Year of release – 2017

The fragrance was created for women, belongs to the group of floral-fruity-sweet. The fragrance is fresh and sweet at the same time, it gently embraces a cloud of fragrant composition, created by the talented perfumers Nathalie Lorson, Marie Salamagne, Olivier Cresp and Honorine Blanc.

The fragrance has a bright, sensual and sophisticated character. A floral cocktail of freesia, orange blossom and gardenia, with fresh notes of bergamot and sweet pear. The trail shimmers with amber woody notes, intertwined with coffee and white musk, creating a soft and expressive accent.

This fragrance is for any season. He is not annoying, gentle and affectionate, at the same time invigorates and gives confidence.

Universal scents

3.Magic, Dancing Roses, Viktor & Rolf

“Dancing Rose” is the scent of the famous Dutch duo Viktor & Rolf. A fragrance for men and women. Year of release – 2017, belongs to the group of fragrances – floral oriental.

The name of the fragrance suggests that all the attention here is paid to the Rose. However, fruity, spicy and woody accords are intertwined in it. The composition conquers from the first notes.

A rose essence with cherry liqueur and lychee juice, flavored with pink pepper and saffron, envelops a fragrant cloud. But the peculiarity of the fragrance here is its sound on the skin of men and women – it plays and shimmers, acquiring different outlines and shades. It is a soft and warm composition, where a delicate rose is embraced by lychee, pink pepper and intoxicating cherry. The harmonious interweaving of bright shades is complemented by the bitterness of saffron, amber and sensual musk. The aroma is mesmerizing and gives a feeling of happiness.

Versatile aroma

4. Izia Sisley – a fragrance for women

The perfume is named after the founder of the House of Sisley – Isabelle d Ornano, it conveys the scent of a family rose garden. This means that there is again a rose in the composition, the aroma of which is framed by citrus fruits and luxurious served by the queen – jasmine and peony. The fragrance belongs to the floral aldehyde group. Year of release – 2017.

Its creator is Amandine Clerc-Marie. This magnificent scent is the epitome of a fragrant morning garden in which aldehydes intertwine with white bergamot and pink pepper to create a spicy cloud.

The heart of the fragrance reveals in all its beauty Rose, accompanied by a quivering angelica and floral notes of jasmine, peony and lily of the valley. Woody shades of white cedar, languid musk and a velvety note of amber complete the amazing picture and make the composition soft and warm, enveloping a woman with a magical trail of beauty and perfection.

The versatility of the scent is emphasized by the exclusive bottle created by the sculptor Bronisław Krzysztof. Its teardrop shape seems to repeat our story about a fragrant garden in which morning roses are decorated with dew drops.

fragrance for women

5. Cassiopea Tiziana Terenzi

A unisex fragrance released in 2015. The fragrance was created by perfumer Paolo Terenzi and belongs to the chypre floral group. It is part of the Luna Collection.

As the name implies, the fragrance is dedicated to one of the constellations of the solar system – Cassiopeia. There are more than a dozen stars in the constellation, but the brightest 5 stars, which form a figure resembling the letter W. This is one of the most beautiful constellations of the sky, and Paolo Terenzi decided to convey this beauty in the fragrance.

5 universal fragrances: perfume for any season

The composition opens with notes of passion fruit, which are set off by lemon and black currant leaves, giving the aroma freshness and spice. Fern notes add a touch of mystery and mysticism to the fragrance. The heart of the fragrance delights with its delicate bouquet of carnations, lily of the valley and tea rose, which has absorbed all the luxury of floral notes. The trail of the composition of sandalwood, tonka bean and musk sounds a beautiful and sophisticated melody that gives an exciting, unearthly feeling.

The fragrance shimmers and shimmers with notes of elegance and luxury, like stars in the night sky. It captivates in an instant, captivating with the versatility and perfection of all components.

Author: Tatiana Dmitrieva

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