5 ways to overcome feelings of hopelessness

Hopelessness, like a gray stuffy fog, hides from you a familiar, happy life and, biting into a trap, does not allow dreams to come true. The feeling of hopelessness is one of the first symptoms of depression and other destructive psychological pathologies.

But fortunately, if you tackle the problem immediately, it can be solved by resorting to the following methods, which are equally effective for a wide variety of people.

Analyze the situation

Now is the time to start a diary, of course – secret from everyone in the world. Trust him every day without hesitation about the feelings of hopelessness and chronicle the events so that a little later you can present them with a clear picture. Engage in analysis when it has become a little easier and try to understand what happened in reality and how you personally perceived it. It is not scary if what is happening to you personally seems to be a disaster, but in reality it is something less – you have the right to exaggerate and be afraid. But this also means that much can be saved, which means that the origins of hopelessness can be overcome.

Take time out

If there is no way to hide from problems and despair on a tropical island, allow yourself at least an hour or two of guaranteed peace of mind per day, preferably alone (but a cat or dog may be nearby). Strictly forbid yourself at this time negative thoughts and immerse yourself in meditation with breathing practice, listen to classical music while drinking cocoa, take a bath with fragrant foam. It has been scientifically proven that after a short break, a person sees the world a little differently, which means that even hopelessness may not become so indestructible.

Switch to new

According to psychologists, the feeling of hopelessness especially often visits people who lead a measured, in many ways familiar way of life. Start getting to work with a different route, and try to replace transport with walking and at this time look at the city as if you were just a tourist here. For a woman, the new will be brightly perceived if it is a change in the scent of perfume, a haircut and hair coloring. Prepare simple but unusual and unfamiliar dishes for dinner. Even by starting to watch a new series, you can support yourself in a period of despair. In a word, tiny “system updates” of everyday life can undermine hopelessness – proving to your subconscious mind the possibility of change.

Let yourself win

Finding yourself in a difficult or just unpleasant situation that has generated a feeling of hopelessness, your brain does not stop working 24 hours a day – processing the problem at the subconscious level even in a dream. To the above example of change, it is worth adding support with examples of victories, evidence that you can solve problems. Try something creative – a construction set, anti-stress coloring pages, plasticine modeling, a board game with family or friends, perhaps even a computer game where you need to be a strong hero in a whirlwind of dangerous adventures.

Take a closer look at the background

Despair can have a thousand real reasons. But also quite often this feeling develops rapidly in favorable conditions – when the human body is weakened. The nervous system is more susceptible to negative conditions if it is deficient in B vitamins, omega-6 fatty acids and zinc. Start drinking a vitamin and mineral complex and diversify your diet with foods containing them (nuts, seafood, cheeses). Drink plenty of water, juices, herbal tea – with dehydration in the brain, cells are destroyed faster, which means that its departments responsible for emotions and behavior suffer. And be sure to take care to sleep at least 6 hours a day in a comfortable sleeping place (in case of back problems, you cannot do without an orthopedic mattress), in a well-ventilated room before going to bed, at a temperature not hotter than + 24 ° С. A full night’s rest will help you meet every day with renewed vigor – for a happy, prosperous life without a shadow of hopelessness.

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Summing up, it is important to say that hopelessness is an insidious feeling. It can melt gradually, sometimes come back, the main thing is not to despair, steadfastly not to succumb and not to lose inspiration on how to deal with it.

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