5 ways to tighten low cheeks at home

With age, the whole organism and skin also age. The first thing that gives out age is wrinkles. They also indicate a rather large number of years, drooping cheeks. They are called “bulldog cheeks”. They give the face a sad expression. The fair sex immediately looks older than her age. Therefore, this problem must be dealt with. To tighten your cheeks, you need to use the following methods.

  1. Gymnastics

Special exercises, called facial gymnastics, will strengthen the muscles of the face and lift them up. Due to this, the “bulldog cheeks” will also be tightened. You can watch a set of exercises step by step on the Internet. Together with a face fitness instructor, it is much easier to do face gymnastics. It is enough to devote a few minutes a day to gymnastics so that the result will soon be noticeable.

  1. Liquid

The cheeks are fatty tissue that traps fluid. Therefore, women who have cheeks need to drink at least two liters of water per day. Thanks to the liquid, the cheeks will be held in place, and will not “hang” at the bottom of the face.5 ways to tighten low cheeks at home

  1. Diet

Surprisingly, the diet also helps to strengthen the cheeks and helps to tighten them. Avoiding salt and sugar in the first place should be in such a diet. They stop the fluid. As a result, edema appears. Then, when the water comes out, the cheeks sag. Therefore, you should carefully monitor your diet.5 ways to tighten low cheeks at home

  1. Massage

A lot has already been said about the benefits of facial massage. Cosmetologists assure that daily massage of this area of ​​the cheeks will help to avoid puffiness and sagging skin. Accordingly, the lowered cheeks will tighten. A well-proven cheek massage with a towel. In this case, the towel must be moistened with herbal decoction.5 ways to tighten low cheeks at home

  1. Honey and sour cream mask

Masks will also be a great way to combat bulldog cheeks. The greatest effect is given by masks based on honey and sour cream. They will help tighten your cheeks. To prepare the mask, honey and sour cream are taken in equal proportions. 15 minutes is enough for the mask to begin its effect.5 ways to tighten low cheeks at home

All methods will have an effect only if they are done in a complex and regularly. In a month, changes for the better will be noticeable.

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