6 besides the most obvious parts of a woman’s body that men admire

Many men like to say that the main thing in a woman is the soul. However, when they meet a beautiful girl, their attention falls on some details that they cannot miss. Sometimes even the girls themselves do not suspect that certain parts of their body are under special attention.

In this article, you will find out which parts of the body attract the attention of the stronger half, and you can also correct your appearance if you want to please the opposite sex. This selection will not include classic options like breasts or buttocks. Be sure to read to the end to understand what other things men like about you.


Most girls underestimate dresses with a cutout at the back – and very much in vain. Sometimes the back cutout looks much more revealing, but at the same time more elegant than a simple neckline. If you want to impress, be sure to watch your posture. A hunched back and dropped shoulders look awful from the side, it can ruin absolutely any image.


Plump and natural lips in themselves look very feminine, which is what attracts the attention of guys. However, girls who like to artificially enlarge their lips should not get carried away. If you go beyond the permissible, then you can only like yourself in the mirror.


A beautiful sexy look can drive any man crazy. It does not matter what color these eyes are, if your soul is reflected in them. The only thing worth remembering is that for any man the most interesting girl is the one that seems like a mystery in his eyes.


Physiologically, men are attracted to ladies with hourglass shapes. Subconsciously, they consider such girls to be able to carry their baby due to their large breasts and hips, especially if they have a slender waist along with it. Proportion is important here, not size. More is not better.


Since ancient times, women have worn long hair that is tightly braided into a braid. Since then, nothing has changed in this regard. The stronger sex likes long hair, especially if you can touch it in your hands. Sometimes luxurious curls can attract the attention of not only guys, but also girls.


Surprisingly, a lot of guys really like a little tummy. Moderately pumped up, but without fat folds.

Men like parts of the female body that are different from men. Ideal body parameters are not at all important for them. The main thing is that the woman is feminine, well-groomed.

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