6 best haircuts for short curly hair

Wavy hair – blessing or curse? If you have naturally straight hair, you, of course, envy curly beauties, while they puzzle over how to style their wavy curls, and this, by the way, is not always as easy and fun as it might look from the outside. … Another question is, are short haircuts compatible with curly hair? Many girls have a desire to shorten their curls before summer, but they hesitate, fearing difficulties with styling. We’ve rounded up the best examples of short hairstyles recommended by stylists for wavy hair. Explore, enjoy and embrace these trendy ideas!

How to style short curly hair?

When your hair is properly cared for, it is much easier to style. Use shampoos, masks, and conditioners for wavy hair. They nourish and moisturize your curls, help to deal with tangles and make your hair more manageable. Hairstyles on wavy hair usually hold well. The only thing that can ruin your hair is moisture. However, if you apply a special serum after washing your hair, the moisture in your hair will not be scary. These serums are found in all leading hair care brands.

Popular hairstyles for curly hair

  • If you want the perfect curls, blow dry your hair, smooth the curls with a round brush, and then use a curling iron.
  • If you want to experiment with straight hair, apply a straightening balm to damp hair, blow dry using a hair dryer and a round brush, and then straighten your hair with an iron.
  • For a trendy, messy curl effect, simply blow-dry your hair with the diffuser attachment.
  • Curly hair is usually very porous. This is why when you buy styling mousses and sprays, choose a light hold product that won’t weigh down your hair.

Haircuts and hairstyles for short curly hair

Cropped bob and pixie – These are the two main haircuts for short wavy hair. Thanks to their multi-layering, they can emphasize the hair structure favorably. Large curls or loose waves in short haircuts are especially impressive. These can be elastic curls that retain their shape, or chaotic waves with the effect of “creative mess”. Colored accents on short hair are one of the hottest trends this season. They can be scattered all over the head or simply decorate the bangs. Of course, it is better to entrust coloring to a professional stylist, as this work requires certain skills and experience. In any case, you can dump this hard work and responsibility for the result on your hairdresser. And you have to do the most important part of the job – choose an image in which you will feel stunning. So, ideas for your inspiration:

1. Layered bob for short wavy hair

Meg Ryan looks tender and childishly innocent with angelic short curls… The tiered haircut has a round silhouette, and the wavy strands add romance to the look. It is very important not to cut your bangs very short – curly hair tends to bounce, and too short bangs will look ridiculous in this case.

2. Short haircut with torn ends

Jane Lynch chooses a short pixie haircut, which gives the actress a feminine and soft look. Wavy hair – an excellent advantage for this haircut, as they give the necessary “unevenness”. Pay attention to the details: side parting, slanting bangs and ragged ends are perfect for those with a round or square face.

3. Graduated A-shaped bob

Platinum blond wavy hair looks very voluminous. The edge of Kimberly Wyatt’s haircut is made like a classic bob, but the top strands are trimmed shorter, which gives the hair a nice roundness. The image complements asymmetrical parting and long oblique bangs.

4. Combination of straight hair with waves

Isabella Miko presents us with a playful wavy bob that cannot be ignored. Modern trends in hairstyles suggest a combination of textures – straight and curly at the same time… Roll your hair back a few centimeters from the roots. Use a shimmery spray for a shimmery effect.

5. Combed back pixie

Katherine Heigl looks very sensual with short, slicked back hair… Her stylish look is easy to copy. Apply mousse to damp hair and blow dry, directing air from face to back of head. Spread the curls with your fingers and fix with a light hold varnish. This hairstyle can also be done on longer hair, gathering the ends into a low, loose bun.

6. Creative mess

Jennifer Nettles shows by her example that short haircuts are never boring… Using accessories, you can easily turn an ordinary look into a festive one. Blow dry your hair using a diffuser blow dryer and lay the strands on the side. Complete your look with a stylish hair clip with sparkling stones. The hairstyle should have a soft, rounded silhouette, but remain slightly disheveled.

Hairstyles for short curly hair are varied and unique. Even if you want to repeat any of our proposed hairstyles, it will become exclusive and individual, as it will be enlivened by your personal facial features and hair features. Have fun experimenting!

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