6 essentials to have for an organized return to school!

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Back to school is coming and you want to organize yourself as well as possible so as not to be overwhelmed? Here are 5 essentials that will help you be calm and organized!

Here we are! September is upon us and brings with it a new rhythm that risks being much more sustained than the months of confinement and school holidays that we have just experienced. Returning to school full time, managing children’s school records, homework, sports or artistic activities… One thing is certain, there is no risk of getting bored in September!

6 essentials to have to organize the start of the new school year

Enjoy back to school in zen mode with these six essentials to put on your shopping list!

1. Pencil labels

If your child is in kindergarten or early elementary school, the teacher will more than likely ask to label each of their pencils and markers. A real punishment and above all a considerable waste of time, since you will have to write your child’s first name by hand on a label, cut it out and stick it with care… And this, for each pencil and marker! Fortunately, it is possible to make your life easier by buying customizable labels for clothes, notebooks… but also pencils, markers and other pens!

Count around 8 € for a sheet of 60 small stickers (which you can therefore use the following year if you have too many)! Find this type of label on the site

2. A children’s alarm clock

Are you always late in the morning and can’t wake your children up on time? Consider installing an alarm clock next to their bed, so they can wake up on their own without waiting for you to come and get them out of bed. This will allow them to get up and start dressing by the time you finish getting ready!

3. A compartmentalized lunch box

All moms will tell you, this kind of “bento” (Japanese lunch box) lunch box is so much easier to prepare in the morning, but also to clean in the evening! The food does not mix and you can put a bunch of good, healthy foods in it. A must to have therefore!

4. A family calendar

Extra-curricular activities, birthdays, appointments with the dentist, speech therapist… At the start of the school year, there will be things to plan! In order not to forget anything and, above all, so that each member of the family has a panorama of everything that is planned, hang up a calendar visible to all where everyone can add their appointments. You will be able to discuss “organization” while having a clear vision of your week and even your month.

5. Notebooks covers

Do you sweat the thought of covering dozens of notebooks and other textbooks? Skip this chore by purchasing notebook covers rather than rolls of paper to cover. You will save precious time! You are not a fan of the patterns of these notebook covers? You can also cover them with fabric, thanks to this tutorial that we deliver to you in this article.

6. A case with compartments

Just like the compartmentalized lunch box, the pencil box with compartments will help your child find his things very easily and therefore not waste time: a compartment for colored pencils, another for markers and, finally, a last for the scissors, the glue tube or the eraser and the small slat.

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