6 fashionable ways to wear lavender color

Remember the shades of the world’s most delicious blackcurrant marshmallow, candied Ladurée violets and delicate lavender blossoms. Now imagine that you can walk in such beauty yourself this summer. At the peak of its relevance in the spring-summer 2020 season is the lilac-violet combination of colors.

If you are not yet ready to dress with a sprig of lavender from head to toe, we suggest that you gradually introduce this shade into your wardrobe as a cure for a bad mood. But you need to know some rules so that the bows end up being harmonious and cool. On the example of Emily Sindlev, Gilda Ambrosio, Tin Andrea and other fashionistas, who ate the dog on combinations of complex colors, as they say. Learn!

Wear lavender with other pastel shades

The first tip is the simplest. You definitely can’t go wrong by matching any other pastel shade to lavender. Regardless of what you choose – a rose, lemon cream, apple marshmallow, or something else – you will still look like the most delicious and trendy dessert.

Emily Sindlev at Copenhagen Fashion Week, August 2018

Add a lavender stain to a milky white look

Another proven color combination is lavender and ivory. We saw the ideal option in Hamburg. For a light beige minimalistic suit, the fashionista picked up a hot pink bag and a lavender cardigan.

Hamburg, May 2020

Use all shades of purple in your look

One of the most effective fashion tricks in your arsenal is to dress in different saturation shades of the same color. For example, let your suit look like a lavender ice cream, your bag look like an exotic colorful flower, and your shoes look like a ripe plum.

Natalia Osmann at Milan Fashion Week, September 2019

There is nothing better than a combination of black and lavender

Black lovers can rejoice. The combination of lavender and black shades is considered extremely successful. So you can safely combine a delicate dessert shade with your favorite dark skirts, jeans and trousers.

Gilda Ambrosio at Milan Fashion Week, September 2019

You can never go wrong with a lavender pleated dress

Can’t think of a color scheme? Spit on all the difficulties and put on a delicate lavender pleated dress that will make you look like a fragile flower. It’s summer, after all, so it’s not at all necessary to bump into layering.

Tin Andrea at Copenhagen Fashion Week, August 2019

Add a little lavender detail

This option is for the most indecisive and strict. If the inner clips won’t let you get dressed with a scoop of lavender ice cream yet, no problem! Start small – like a trendy lavender handbag.

Copenhagen Fashion Week, August 2019

Tatiana Ojea /


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