6 good reasons to adopt natural hair care

1 / It respects the hair

Specialized in hair products, the Herbal Essences brand since 1971 associates the power of science and nature in each of its formulas. Each plant, flower or herb has been carefully chosen and incorporated into a shampoo or hair conditioner for its perfect affinity with the hair and with the greatest respect for nature. The ingredients of natural origin are controlled and certified by the Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew, a scientific organization recognized worldwide with unparalleled experience in the field of plants. It houses the largest collection of plants in the world with 8.5 million specimens. Thanks to its high performance formulas and aromatic fragrances, the Herbal Essences range transforms the washing and care ritual into an authentic and unique beauty experience

2 / It is ultra-sensory

To take the greatest care of the hair fiber, lHerbal Essences products have been designed with ingredients of natural origin, up to 96% for some of them. The shampoo and conditioner of this “sulfate-free” range have been formulated to best respect the colored hair and thus preserve the color pigments.

3 / she smells good

Aloe Vera Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner have been developed to make every shower a moment of pleasure and awaken all the senses. When emulsified, the shampoo develops a light, creamy lather. The conditioner stretches over the lengths without weighing them down and makes it easier to untangle the hair.

4 / It hydrates the hair fiber

We love the fruity and addictive scent of Aloe Vera and Mango Herbal Essences. A sun-drenched scent of mango, which evokes the tropics and invites you to escape.


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