6 good reasons to use stairs

Are you using the elevator to go up and down flat? Join us to fall in love with the stairs.

For success In a person’s life, God provided two methods, learning and physical activity. Inactivity neutralizes and destroys a person’s good health, while regular activity and physical exercises can maintain and maintain health.

Plato – four hundred years BC

Need a compelling reason to use stairs? We have six reasons for you:

  1. Stair climbing burns more calories than running

Yes, that’s right. Now you can be known as the Lord of the Rings. Burn more calories per minute than running. Climbing stairs takes 8 to 9 times more energy than seating and 7 times more energy than using an elevator.

Not only do you burn calories while going up the stairs, but you also consume energy while going down.

It is estimated that the average person burns at least 0.1 calories per climb; This means at least one calorie per ten step up, and 0.05 calories per step down. This means one calorie drop, twenty steps.

For those who are currently obese and overweight, this may be encouraging: the more you gain, the more calories you burn as you climb the stairs.

  1. Climbing stairs reduces the risk of stroke

According to a study of 11,000 men, physical activity such as climbing stairs can reduce the risk of stroke. For example, men who climb stairs about three to five times a day have a 29 percent lower risk of developing a stroke, and have enjoyed the benefits of regular exercise.

  1. Stair climbing increases cardiovascular health

As a form of strenuous exercise, climbing stairs is beneficial to the cardiovascular condition and thus improves cardiovascular health in the long run.

Decades of research have shown that regular exercises can help prevent cardiovascular disease by helping with heart health. Even adding 15 minutes of aerobic exercise to an unstable lifestyle can help Increase lifespan To be three years old!

  1. Climbing stairs strengthens muscles

What device do you think you need most to climb the stairs? All of your legs muscles, in addition to the movement in the abdomen, as well as the movement of your arms. In addition, your back and lower back muscles are involved in this activity.

All this contributes to the strengthening and health of the skeletal system. And because using skeletal muscles helps increase metabolism, this may cause more calories to be burned and lose more weight in the long run, as well as increase lean muscle mass and increase muscle strength.

Research has shown that the use of skeletal muscles has enormous effects on improving blood sugar and is effective in preventing and controlling diabetes.

In addition, a general improvement in skeletal muscle health can reduce arthritis pain, which is a nuisance for those who are obese.

  1. Climbing stairs is an easy way to fight life together

Numerous studies have pointed to the spread of a sedentary lifestyle in the rapidly developing world of technology today as a major factor in the global obesity epidemic.

Using the stairs, wherever possible, is a quick and easy way to escape the sedentary lifestyle and add physical activity and movement to everyday life. The stairs are usually in front of you everywhere, so they are much easier to use than going to the gym or going to the gym.

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  1. You don’t have to listen to elevator music!

This is another reason to use the stairs, although the lifts near you may play good music and you may want to listen to it (the lifts that you have suffered play intolerable music)

Of course, all of the above is if you do not have a problem with the spine or knee, in which case we suggest that you consult with your doctor about using the stairs.

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