6 hot trends that will make your look luxurious

Jewelry is a great way not only to complement your look, but also to highlight your individuality. Here are some of the trendiest pieces of jewelry for spring 2020 that will make you feel luxurious.

1. Bulk rings

Large rings, as if layered on top of each other, emphasize the refinement of the fingers and the fragility of the hands. Often these rings are sold in a set so that you can change them depending on your mood or combine them with each other.

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It is very important to remember that rings draw attention to a manicure, so make sure your hands remain well-groomed.

Stylish accessories for women 2020
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It is not necessary to apply a colored coating, it is enough to have a neat nail shape and moisturize your hands with cream.

Fashion accessories for women 2020
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2. Geometry

In 2020, strict and clear lines are an absolute must-have of the season. They can be found in the form of pendants, earrings, or even bracelets.

Fashionable women's accessories 2020
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Geometric patterns and shapes look unusual and always attract attention.

Fashion jewelry for women 2020
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Such a non-standard decoration can be supplemented with a basic outfit. The most effective technique is geometric earrings combined with a careless bundle.

Fashionable women's jewelry 2020
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3. Chains

Chains of any size and in any quantity are found not only in the form of pendants, but also among belts and bag decor.

Fashion jewelry for women
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The main advantage of chains is the many combinations. A thin short chain can be combined with a laconic pendant. A large and long chain can be worn in several layers.

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The chain that adorns the belt loops of the trousers also looks very stylish.

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4. Pearls

A fine string of pearls is a classic among jewelry. However, in 2020 this type of accessory is incredibly popular.

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Hairpins decorated with pearls are being replaced by minimalistic jewelry that will fit into both business and everyday wardrobe.

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The pearl string can be used as a neck accessory or as an elegant layered bracelet.

Fashion jewelry 2020
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5. Bracelets

Laconic bracelets accentuate the wrists and will look great in combination with a white shirt and rolled cuffs.

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Bracelets can be combined with each other or combined with wristwatches of the same metal. This combination has been used for more than a year, but it still looks relevant.

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The bracelet can have both a classic shape and a non-standard one. For example, a knot or a nail.

Actual women's jewelry 2020
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6. Hoop earrings

Zero – one of the fashion trends of the season, not only in clothes, but also in accessories. Hoop earrings like popular celebrities are back in fashion.

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When using such massive earrings, it is important to maintain harmony in the image and not overload it with other accessories.

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Despite the relevance of this jewelry, the dress code must also be taken into account: such earrings will be appropriate at a party, and for the office it is better to choose neat stud earrings.

Actual women's accessories 2020
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