6 most fashionable summer dresses 2020

On the last day of July, we decided to sum up the fashionable results of the warm season and talk about the most fashionable dresses that you still have time to “walk” on the remaining warm days. To determine the winners in this category, we did some real research on Instagram. We officially declare: these six models were most popular among street style stars, bloggers and supermodels. Right now, you have a great opportunity to pair these dresses with the main bags and shoes for the spring / summer 2020 season, which we told you about earlier.

What dress will Victoria Beckham’s daughter-in-law choose for the wedding?

Let’s start with the most romantic one. Have you already read our article about dresses of the decade? It’s about the creations of Réalisation Par. Jeanette Friis Madsen loved the lemon-cream maxi dress with a delicate floral print. Irina Golomazdina fell in love with the whole city of Sochi during her vacation in a mini Jacquemus with an asymmetric shoulder strap, only if the designer’s choice fell on a white model, we still recommend investing in a striped one. Another Instagram star is the House of Sunny knit combination, inspired by the work of David Hockney. Absolutely all fashionistas have this dress, from Kendall Jenner to Emily Syndlev. The same can be said about the milk-colored Cult Gaia jersey model – the outfit especially fell in love with supermodels and got into one of the most spectacular trends of the season – white jersey on a naked body. Also, we cannot fail to mention the Christopher Esber dress for sexy brides, which will become your motivation to work out your abs properly. And for sweetness, we left the Bottega Veneta “bomb” – a weightless dress with an open back – Pernil Teisbek adores it.

Réalisation Par Floral Maxi Dress

Jacquemus Asymmetric Mini Dress

House of Sunny green jersey dress with abstract print

Cult Gaia Milky Knit Dress With Slits

Christopher Esber White Ruffled Cotton Dress

Bottega Veneta Open Back Black Dress


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