6 most useful makeup brushes

Nastya talks about her brushed living wage.

For all my love for cosmetics, I have always been indifferent to brushes. How can you spend a hundred bucks on shadows – I understand, but on a brush?

Although this is illogical: a good brush lives longer than an eyeshadow palette. I have samples that are 10 years old and still as good as new. And all the same: I had one or two expensive brushes, and they gave me a present. What I value most about brushes is multitasking. I will be too lazy to look for the one that is perfect for the earlobe, so I love that the whole make can be made with a couple of universal ones.

The quality of the pile, if not completely awful, is secondary to the shape. I focus on it first of all. I’m talking about the most, in my opinion, irreplaceable.

Large pointed brush

My main face brush. I like the ones with natural bristles more, but they are also suitable with synthetic ones. Due to the tapering shape, they can do quite small work. I can apply both powder all over my face and a thin strip of highlighter. It is also suitable for contour, blush, bronzer, and even shadows in front of it can be dimmed. My favorite is this Sephora with a pink handle, bought by accident about 8 years ago at a sale. She has no demolition.

Medium fluffy brush

Almost as versatile as the previous one. For powder, perhaps too small. But if necessary, for example on vacation, I can only make a light make-up with her. Highlighter, blush, sculptor – suitable for everything. For her, I apply blush on the eyelid in a supernude version of the make-up.

Dense tone brush with a rounded cut

You only need it if you use dense tones. With this brush, after wetting, I apply the most pigmented of them.

Sharpened Blending Brush

Much more comfortable than fluffy panicles. Ideal – Mac 217, pictured above. With this brush, you can mark a crease and blend shadows on the upper and lower eyelids.

Sharpened barrel brush

I mainly use it to apply and blend shadows on the lower eyelid. And she can also darken a corner or place accents on the top.

Thick, short-haired flat brush

It looks small and ridiculous, but I have adapted it for a lot. First, I put shadows on her lower eyelid. How is this different from applying with the brushes above? The color is brighter. Secondly, it is convenient to blend the contour of the lips and eyebrow shadows with it.

You may have noticed that there is no flat eyeshadow brush, lipstick and eyeliner brushes on my list. I will explain why. I don’t like the idea of ​​applying shadows all over the eyelid with a brush. For the main color, there are fingers or an applicator from the kit. This makes it brighter, and the shadows do not crumble.

With lip brushes and eyeliner, it’s more difficult: I tried a hundred, but I never found the best one. The only thing that I understood: brushes for nail design are better than anyone else. So I just order different sets on Ali and hope that someday I will find the ideal.


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