6 QUICK & EASY HAIRSTYLES | Cute Long Hair Hairstyles

I decided to switch things up and share 6 quick & easy hairstyles that are cute, & perfect for long hair. These are simple and new hairstyles, and I can’t wait to see all your recreations on instagram, and each of these hairstyles take less than 60 seconds to create. The first hairstyle is my favourite, a simple half-up half-down French twist hairstyle, its perfect for everyday. The second hairstyle is a very simple braid, but I secured it with a barrette which helps add a special detail. Next is a very cute and effortless low bun, I love how simple yet beautiful this hairstyle is. I couldn’t create an easy hair tutorial without including a chic bun, this one has a beautiful braided detail. This next bun is so unique and intricate looking, yet you’ll be surprised how simple it is to recreate. Lastly, I shared a very easy way to elevate a simple everyday pony-tail, it’s such a cute look especially for summer!


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  1. 60 seconds? Yes, but how long did it take you to prep your hair before that? I know you definitely straightened then waved/curled your hair… or else those 60 second hair styles wouldn&39;t have turned out as good as they did. I need truly 60 seconds with "just got out of bed" hair ?… lol

  2. Me trying to find what she was giggling and googling about the entire video-
    Also Me: what does she think is so funny!.

  3. Love these… I work at a hospital and my hair has to be up everyday… being a mom of 3 boys fast is everything!,, thank you,

  4. Ive never seen this type of hair colour before. I love dark hair but I gotta say that this colour is absolutely stunning!

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