6 sunglasses trends you’ll see all over the place in 2020

The new year has arrived, which means that we have not only entered a new decade of fashion, but that we are slowly moving towards summer! And this is really important!

However, you don’t need to plan a beach holiday to take advantage of some of the hottest sunglasses trends in the coming year. Actually, Sunglasses for the winter months are as important as for the summer.

Next you will find 6 upcoming trends sunglasses for 2020. From futuristic structured frames to retro circular shapes, there is something for everyone!

#one. New mini frame

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The tiny rims have become a little more prominent in the coming year. Rather than opting for the subtle wire frames that have dominated the past few seasons, consider a slightly more vintage look with a plastic frame.

# 2. Flat top

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Opt for a completely flat frame top this year for a sportier look to the overall look.

# 3. Bright white frame

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If you want to look a little more attractive than basic black glasses, consider bright white frames for 2020. Take your favorite style – mini, aviator or more – and don’t forget to choose a model in pure white!

#4. Futuristic structure

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Futuristic sunglasses have been trending for the past few seasons, but 2020 has brought a new twist with it! Instead of more athletic styles, try looking for something a little more unusual. For example, a large size, a protruding cat’s eye or something else.

#5. Thick frame on oversized glasses

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No matter how many mini sunglasses arrive in stores, it cannot be ignored that the large frame is making a comeback with a vengeance. Don’t discount your oversized sunglasses as you will remember everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Jacqueline Kennedy over the next decade.

# 6. Round retro frame

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Have fun with your 2020 sunglasses and create a retro look with a large round frame. You will look smarter than ever!



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