6 unusual information on weddings in 2020

Dating on the internet or at work, budget, “solomoon”, trends … The dating magazine reveals unusual information and anecdotes on couples who get married in 2020.

Did you know that the solo honeymoon was more and more in vogue? That disconnected ceremonies are starting to take over smartphones? Or that 9% of today’s newlyweds have met online? The Faireparterie Magazine had fun drawing up an infographic entitled Everything about the French and marriage in 2020 “ full of unusual anecdotes, information and figures around the happiest day in the life of couples.

1 – How do the French meet?

How do the French meet in the digital age? Yes 9% of married couples met through a dating site, romantic connections seem to be even more in the real world. And our workplace, where one spends a good part of his days, remains the most favorable place to find his other half. Indeed, 12% of couples have met their future married (e) there. Just behind comes the network of friends who acts as a very good matchmaker since 11% of newlyweds got to know each other through their group of friends.

2 – Rings: 20% of women swallow it if it is hidden in a cake

To get married, you still have to make your marriage proposal. And if we do it knees on the ground, provided with a case, it is always appreciable! Nevertheless, some prefer a more original request, by sliding the ring into a cake or a glass of Champagne for example. Surprise, in 20% of cases, the future bride, ignoring the presence of the precious jewel in her glass or her plate, inadvertently swallows it! When we know that the average cost of an engagement ring amounts to 800 euros and that 10% of men even spend more than 1,500 euros to make the hand (and the eyes) of their beautiful shine, it is expensive the sip …


3 – Love, the main motivation of the bride and groom

If in the past we said to ourselves “Yes!” before starting a family, nowadays 48% of married couples are already parents, while 33% wait for marriage before considering having a child. The issue of security remains important since it appeals to 34% of couples who wish to unite. Less glamorous but notable, 26% of French people do so for tax reasons. And the party in all this? It produces its small effect since 37% of couples passed in front of the Mayor in order to be able to celebrate their union through a memorable ceremony. Finally, in 2020, 88% of couples marry for love!

4 – Budget: 10,998 euros, the average cost of a wedding

We also discover that the French spend on average 10,998 euros at their wedding. Moreover, they may well quantify the overall cost they want to spend, 40% of newlyweds ultimately exceed it … On average 4,000 euros! Moreover, 4% of future spouses contract a loan for this happy event. More than half of the bride and groom also hope to fall back on their expenses by considering establishing a wedding list whose average amount of gifts is close to 5,000 euros … It must be said that the guests put their hand in the wallet since ‘they spend on average 138 euros just as gifts for the newlyweds.


5 – Disconnected ceremonies, winter and eco-responsible weddings … Trends in 2020

If the tradition persists, new concepts and fashion evolve. Thus, brides willingly let themselves be seduced by the 2 piece wedding dress or crop top (more practical and that can then be carried over separately, thus making this outfit ephemeral and durable!). Winter weddings are also booming, while smartphones are more and more relayed to the locker room to allow all these beautiful people to devote themselves fully to the ceremony. Finally, in 2020, even if 28% of couples go through the church first, secular ceremonies are becoming more democratic and the marriage wants to be eco-responsible.

6 – The honeymoon as a couple … or solo

Far from falling into disuse, the honeymoon increases each year by 10%. During this dream holiday, the newlyweds French prefer to go to Japan, Malaysia or Zanzibar. Moreover, this honeymoon is no longer necessarily a couple since the solomoon – solo honeymoon – takes off. That’s right after all, why should you wait until you meet your soulmate to go on a honeymoon? Who knows, moreover, that she is not waiting for us there?

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