6 winter skirts that women with good taste will wear

It seems that in the fall-winter season 2020-2021, designers took special care of the women’s wardrobe. How else to explain such a variety of warm skirts on the catwalk? Woolen, quilted, leather, pleated – the abundance of winter styles will delight even the most sensitive to cold fashionista. Therefore, you should not give up a skirt this winter and wear exclusively woolen trousers or brushed jeans. Our selection of 6 insulated models that match the trends from the catwalk and will keep you warm.


It is not surprising that the tweed skirt is a fashion favorite of the women’s winter wardrobe 2020. This model protects from cold and wind, and is also pleasant to the body and favorably emphasizes the forms. Fashionistas combine a tweed skirt of different lengths with plain turtlenecks, oversized sweaters and fur jackets and boots that are popular this season.

If you want to look stylish and modern, look not for simple straight-cut tweed skirts, but like the world’s designers – with a row of buttons, pockets and provocative side slits in the spirit of Chanel and Prada.

Quilted skirt

A quilted skirt is a combination of comfort, fashion and femininity in one style. Previously, this fabric was only worn by athletes, but now it has made its way into everyday, romantic and even business style. Mini, midi, with pockets, slits, zippers or studs – choose a skirt of your choice and combine with your favorite items from your everyday wardrobe. Versace, Emporio Armani, Iceberg will give you the most original solutions.

Patchwork style

A winter skirt should be bright and warm at the same time. Wool is responsible for the warmth, and for the brightness and originality – the multi-colored and multi-textured scraps of fabric from which the skirt is sewn. The patchwork technique, which used to be a component of only boho looks, has now become a part of everyday winter wardrobe. A woolen skirt in this style has a complex cut, so it is worn with a tight-fitting monochromatic top that will emphasize the dignity of your figure.

The color of this skirt should be appropriate for the occasion. Subdued shades and geometric prints are perfect for austere looks, while catchy tones and florals are appropriate for a date. Unconventional ideas for bold outfits can be found at Koché, Tom Ford, Marni.

Leather models

Probably, you already have a leather skirt in your wardrobe, because a spectacular fabric is not the first season that attracts fashionistas with its solidity and versatility. It will not be difficult to harmoniously fit the model into a winter wardrobe – it goes well with both a loose sweater and a turtleneck tucked into a belt. But first, you need to decide on the style. In the fall-winter 2020-2021 season, fashionable leather skirts can be of different cuts: a pencil skirt, pleated, flared, with various draperies, rivets and slits.

When it comes to color, the best example would be the collections of fashion designers. In the fall-winter 2020 season, designers preferred monochromatic leather skirts in brown, black, blue, gray, green and burgundy like Hermes, Fendi, Versace.

Pleated skirt

A pleated skirt can be a highlight of your winter wardrobe or even a basic and favorite piece. It can be combined with a hoodie and knitted sweater, a sheepskin coat and a plush fur coat, high boots with steady heels and rough boots with chunky soles. Look for the most spectacular and topical models of such a skirt in the collections of Michael Kors, Dion Lee and Victoria Beckham.

Knitted midi

Knitted skirt is a classic of the genre for winter. For this season, look for semi-fitted pieces with geometric prints like the N21 or front patch pockets and a slit like Balmain. Such a skirt can also be worn for any reason, because it is very comfortable and fits well. Wear a knitted midi with high boots or over the knee boots to keep the leg warm under the cut.

Do not forget to check the quality of the jersey before buying. Stretch the fabric with your hands and see how quickly it returns to its original appearance. The faster the fabric regains its shape, the more durable the skirt will be in the wear.

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