60 looks from 15 things: step by step instructions

Do you ever have such that 5 minutes before leaving the house, among the mountains of things and shoes scattered all over the room, you suddenly realize that you have nothing to wear? In a panic, you start trying all the options, but you cannot find anything. It comes to the realization that among the many cool blouses and trendy jeans, there is no mutual understanding.

“This blouse from the latest collection is very fashionable, but it needs a leather skirt. But this leather skirt is incomparable, but looks good only with a jacket ”- a typical situation for most women. And it turns out that these things can be worn, you need to completely update your wardrobe, which requires a lot of costs. So you put on jeans, a T-shirt and go about your business.

But what if I tell you that you can make a capsule for a certain life situation out of just 15 wardrobe items, and you will always have something to wear? Out of 15 items, you will get over 60 looks! Tempting? Then read and memorize.

Wardrobe rules


First of all, let’s understand what a wardrobe capsule is. A wardrobe capsule is a set of 10-15 items, each of which is combined with any other item of the capsule. The number of items of clothing can vary depending on how long the life situation for which the capsule is being prepared takes.

For example, if you create a capsule for work, and work on a 5/2 schedule from 9 to 18, then you will need about 15-20 items of clothing, and when creating a capsule for going on dates that you visit 1-2 times a week , 10-15 things will be enough. As you can imagine, capsules are designed for a specific area of ​​life.

With the right capsule construction, you will get a set of things that will give you the opportunity to look different every day. But this does not mean that if you buy 3 pairs of jeans: blue, light blue and black, and 3 T-shirts for them, it will be a capsule. A distinctive feature of the capsule wardrobe is its versatility. It is important to choose things of different types, cuts, materials, colors. The more dissimilar the sets made up of capsule items, the better. Well, the most important and most pleasant bonus of the capsule is that you will no longer be bothered by the question “What to wear” before leaving the house. You will always know what and with what to combine, because EVERY thing is combined in a capsule.

Before you start drawing up a capsule, you should carefully think about which area of ​​life you are making it for. Capsules are made for completely different situations: for work, for sports, for an evening out, for home or leisure, for business meetings. It can also be capsules for a certain season: in Russia, it is important to make up a summer base capsule, since the warm season lasts much less than the cold one, so there is no point in buying a full summer wardrobe.

Choose the area that worries you the most in terms of wardrobe. When you start picking things up for the capsule, remember the rule: there are more tops than bottoms. This is due to the fact that the image of a person is perceived in the portrait zone: no one will pay attention if you walk in the same trousers, changing tops. But on the other hand, the same sweater on you will definitely make an undesirable impression on others.

It is also worth emphasizing that it is not necessary to use only basic things of simple cut in the capsule. On the contrary, for the capsule, you can choose style items of an unusual cut, since any capsule can be supplemented with items of clothing from the basic wardrobe. The main thing is to think in advance whether each element of the capsule will be combined with each other.

Now let’s start creating our capsule step by step.

Let’s put together a dating capsule. We will try to make her romantic, light and tender.


First of all, we choose the main thing around which we will build the entire capsule. It’s easier to start composing the capsule from some bottom, so let’s take a straight-cut skirt made of light fabric as a basis.

60 looks from 15 things: step by step instructions


Next, we need to select several tops that would complement the already selected bottom. These should be versatile options: blouse, cardigan, hoodie, jacket, sweater, T-shirt. In total, you can add about five to six tops. For the skirt, I propose to pick up a top with thin straps, three blouses of different cut (one shirt type, the second – for a wrap, and the third is shortened and with a sufficiently deep cut), as well as two cardigans (the first is a laconic cut, and the other is more stylish – with shuttlecocks).


A very important and interesting step, upon successful completion of which we get a “frame” of our capsule, in which all things begin to combine with each other. Let’s see what this means.

Since we chose the skirt as the first piece, at this stage we have to choose interchangeable bottoms. The most important thing when choosing an alternative is to match existing tops with new bottoms. In our case, we can take a mini-skirt made of eco-leather, since the first thing is a light midi skirt, as well as a straight-cut maxi dress made of satin fabric. I want to note that the dress is also a “bottom”, because you can put on a sweater or throw on a cardigan – and this is no longer a dress, but a skirt. Check that all things go well with each other in color, texture, style.


Look, we already have a large number of kit variations. But so far, the capsule cannot be called complete. To add variety and make the capsule complete, we add accessories: shoes, bags, jewelry. In our capsule, I decided to add fabric wedge sandals and leather heeled mules. The capsule is obtained in warm weather, so there is no point in adding boots or sneakers there.

We choose small bags in a capsule for dating – you definitely won’t go on a date with a shopping bag in which potatoes bought the day before and a pound of apples were lying around. Accessories include a belt and a pearl necklace. The belt will perfectly transform any set, and the necklace will emphasize the romance of images.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that when choosing accessories, you should not take two brown shoulder bags and two pairs of white sneakers – this way you will not add variety. In our case, one bag is pink, satin and with short handles, and the other is white with sequins and over the shoulder.


At the last stage of creating a wardrobe capsule, we check it for a variety of colors, textures, shapes. It is also important to check the relevance – if there are outdated styles or trends that are already out of fashion. See if the capsule looks boring – the monotony of colors and textures will not give the desired effect. To get more combinations or just to freshen up the look, use style techniques (roll up your sleeves, tuck your jeans, tie a scarf instead of a belt).

Our capsule came out diverse in all respects: there is a lot of color in it, there are different textures, the styles of things are not repeated. It is also relevant and has long-term trends. By combining capsule elements in different ways, we get over 60 sets! Look at some combination options:

When choosing things for a capsule, be guided only by your feelings: you should be comfortable in new things, they should match your color and style, you should like them. Think about the message that the capsule you have composed is conveyed – is it really what you would like to convey to others? Does it reflect your inner world?

Using this step-by-step instruction, you can easily make a capsule for any life situation and forever get rid of hours of meditation over the question “What to wear.”

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Author: stylist-image maker Sofya Anashkina. (instagram: @sonya_na_stile)

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