7 beauty mistakes that turn off men

Women are attentive to little things and notice tiny imperfections in their appearance. Perhaps that is why they are often unhappy with the way they look.

The sad news is that 99% of men are unable to explain what exactly is wrong. The stronger sex will remain silent, but after the first date it will disappear, and the pretty, intelligent and kind girl will remain at a loss. Perhaps he was disgusted by the manner of his interlocutor, however, as you know, men love with their eyes …

How to be? Check yourself against the list of common self-care mistakes that turn off men, and take them into account when getting ready for a meeting.

Unkempt nails

It is unlikely that a boyfriend will ask a lady out on a date if she has dirty, bitten nails of uneven length. Nobody likes sluts.

No need to come up with a complicated design. Better to choose a neutral or light colored nail polish.

By the way, long acrylic nails with extravagant decor are hopelessly outdated and perceived as provincial.

Fake blonde


Coloring even a tone lighter than the natural shade of hair requires regular tinting of the roots. Hair is a fetish and must look well-groomed.

The other extreme to be avoided is liters of varnish and styling products. A suitable option is washed, soft hair, preferably long, which is pleasant to touch.

Overkill with makeup

It sounds strange, but most men do not find bright makeup on a woman’s face attractive. Hate earned a sticky lip gloss, fake eyelashes and “panda eyes”, the so-called “smokey ice”. Orange fake tan spots are also considered disgusting.

Dirt on shoes or sneakers

Dirt on shoes

Ladies aren’t the only ones looking closely at shoes. Clean and neat shoes of the “good girl” will certainly be marked by an approving male gaze. Heel height or lack thereof doesn’t matter.

An old wisdom says: “A woman should wear such shoes that, seeing her in the hallway, a man would want to meet the mistress of the couple.”

Dry skin

Dry skin

People love to touch soft and smooth. Rough hands and chapped lips are very few people like and do not cause the desire to touch or hug, let alone more.

Fortunately, there is a way to stay hydrated by drinking water. For emergencies, they came up with a scrub and moisturizers.

Following ugly fashion trends

Ugly fashion

Before buying a new thing, a fashionista should evaluate the degree of attractiveness in such an outfit. Chunky sneakers, oversized sweaters and coats, culottes, giant shoulders and maxi-skirts deserve special dislike, according to the polls of men. In a word, everything that violates the natural proportions of the female figure and prevents her from seeing it properly.

Bright gamut

Neon shades are appropriate for a stadium or school night. The gouge-out effect is daunting, and flashy patterns and prints like leopard are perceived as vulgar and lack of taste.

Every woman is charming in her own way. Don’t let these mistakes ruin your beauty, as these days people, including the stronger sex, judge by their looks.

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