7 commandments of a stylish woman from Yana Rudkovskaya

Producer Yana Rudkovskaya is one of the most talked about figures in show business. Yana’s style is controversial. Rudkovskaya does not pay attention to conversations and believes that every woman should have her own style. A successful woman has her own rules that she tries to adhere to.

  1. Classic

Classics are in fashion at all times. This is exactly what the producer thinks. Therefore, a dress in pastel colors in combination with pumps with heels is a classic option that will create a fashionable and stylish look and will be appropriate for any occasion.

  1. Measure in everything

This rule applies to both clothing and makeup. A woman looks stylish when everything is in moderation for her. When the makeup is too bright and too full of clothes, the image becomes defiant or vulgar. The inability to comply with the measure creates a cheap image. In addition, excess can damage your reputation.

  1. Quality

Poor quality items made from cheap fabrics give away a lack of good taste. Therefore, Yana is not afraid to overpay for clothes made from high quality materials. As she herself says, expensive clothes are worth it. The woman feels confident in her and begins to behave accordingly.

  1. Its zest

Rudkovskaya believes that every woman should have her own flavor, inherent only to her. It can be a certain style that a woman adheres to. For example, Yana prefers decorated things. They also distinguish the wardrobe of a business woman, which causes mixed opinions of professionals.

  1. Accessories

Accessories always help complete the look. Therefore, Rudkovskaya believes that there are never many accessories. However, you need to be able to combine them with clothes to look stylish. There is one more rule here – do not overdo it.

  1. Clothes that fit well

A stylish woman wears clothes that are appropriate for her age and her size. Otherwise, it just looks ridiculous. Therefore, you should not “get younger” when you have stepped over 40. Today, for forty-year-old women, there are many stylish outfits in which you can look young.

  1. Harmony in everything

Everything is important in a stylish look: from hair to shoes. Therefore, a woman tries to choose clothes harmoniously, taking into account her hairstyle, hair color, as well as the type of her figure. Accordingly, the makeup should also be in harmony with the image. Only then will it be possible to create a truly stylish and individual image.

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