7 details in the image that betray a woman’s Soviet past

Some women still live by the principles that were brought up in them back in Soviet times. Such a woman can be immediately seen in a crowded crowd. She stands out. You can recognize her by some of the details in the image.

  1. Bag and shoes of the same color

Back in school, girls were taught in ethics lessons that a bag and shoes should be the same color. This was considered a sign of good taste. Many people still adhere to this rule. In fact, such a rule has long been outdated. Today it is an anti-trend and a sign of total bad taste.

  1. Jewelry Set

During Soviet times, it was believed that jewelry should be worn as a set. It is desirable that the earrings, necklace and bracelet are the same. You don’t have to stick to this rule today. You can combine even at first glance completely incompatible jewelry.

  1. Big bag

For some women, a bag is still considered not an accessory to complete the image, but a place where you can put anything. On the way home from the store, the bag is filled with groceries, and the woman is fully loaded home. It should be said that such a huge bag immediately adds a few extra years to the age.

  1. Massive signet rings

A massive gold ring was considered a sign of wealth. And today some ladies take out all their jewelry and try to wear them to the maximum, thereby giving away that the jewelry remained from the times of the Soviet Union.

  1. Clothes in gray colors

It is worth remembering the school uniform, which was sewn in brown. And also the teacher’s gray suits, which did not attract children. Gray, dark, dull – everything that does not highlight and does not create individuality.

  1. Updo

Soviet women had such a word as hairstyle. The word meant a whole structure on the head. If it was evident that a lot of “work” over the head, bringing the hairstyle to perfection, then everything is fine, and vice versa. Sometimes such a hairstyle made a real “aunt” out of a girl. The best hairstyle today is no hair. Naturalness is valued above all.

  1. Fur headdress

A fur headdress was considered an indicator of wealth. Berets, Kubanks with earflaps – were mostly made of mink. It was getting old, but it was believed that after 30 years only bankrupt women could wear an ordinary hat.

Time is passing. What was considered a trend back then is outdated and outdated today. Do not forget about this.


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