7 models of autumn outerwear that are outdated and what to replace it with

Not only in summer, but also in autumn, girls and women want to look stylish and fashionable. Therefore, you need to revise your wardrobe and get rid of things that are out of fashion and outdated. Replace such clothes with fashionable novelties. Here are some patterns to get rid of.

  1. Above the knee fitted coat

Fitted models with a length above the knee have long gone out of fashion. It is uncomfortable in them, as things worn under a coat can appear. This spoils the whole appearance. As for the length, you have to wear clothes that are shorter than the coat and do not protrude from under it.

It is best to replace fitted models with loose midi length styles. In such a coat, a woman will feel comfortable, and this is the most important thing in the upcoming season. What can be higher than convenience and comfort?

  1. Fitted short jacket

As in the previous case, the short fitted jacket went out of fashion. You can only wear a T-shirt under it, but this is not suitable for autumn time.

Loose and voluminous jackets are what you need this fall. In addition, you should pay attention to the length of the product. It is best to choose an elongated jacket. It protects better in the autumn cold.

  1. Short leather jacket

The short leather jacket is a thing of the past. It is not practical. We can say that such a jacket is put on just for beauty and that’s it. It does not protect from the wind. Therefore, it was replaced by more practical models, under which you can wear a sweater.

  1. Complex design coat

Complex coat designs were once in vogue. Complicated collar or sleeves are now a thing of the past. Today, simpler models in the style of minimalism are in fashion.

  1. Jackets with glitter and rhinestones

Glitter and rhinestones give out a cheap thing. This is completely unsuitable for a woman who wants to look stylish. Therefore, it is necessary to choose outerwear for autumn in a minimalist style.

  1. Coat with fur

For several years, fur coats were in fashion. In this case, the fur was both on the collar and on the sleeves. This is an obsolete option today. You should choose a coat without fur with a simple cut with a minimum of decor.

  1. Metallic decor

As with the previous option, metal decor is a thing of the past. Therefore, it is necessary to replace such a model with a coat in the style of minimalism.

The general rule for all models of the upcoming season is convenience and comfort. Don’t forget about this.


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