7 most unfortunate combinations of shoes and pants

A set looks holistic when it harmoniously combines everything from clothes to shoes. The problem for many women is that they don’t know how to pair shoes with pants. An inept combination can ruin the whole image. Here are some examples.

  1. Classic straight trousers

Straight trousers have long been a classic preferred by most of the female population. Usually these trousers reach the middle of the heel. Therefore, it is preferable that the shoes are with high heels. Ballerinas and wedges with dress pants are simply out of place. The figure immediately becomes heavy and squat, which does not paint a woman at all.

  1. Shortened model

This model of trousers has been in fashion for several seasons. At the same time, it has not lost its relevance, but on the contrary, it is only gaining popularity. Meanwhile, the ankle length visually shortens the legs. To prevent this from happening, shoes must be high-heeled. Shoes on a low run do not look harmoniously paired with this model of trousers.

  1. Palazzo

Wide palazzo pants run the risk of being a bad choice if any low-cut shoes are matched to them. Hairpin, platform or wedge is allowed.

  1. Flare

This year, flared trousers are back in fashion. Their advantage is that they make a woman higher. Suppose flared trousers with high platform shoes or heels that are hidden under the trousers. But such trousers cannot be combined with loafers or ballet flats, because it looks ridiculous.7 most unfortunate combinations of shoes and pants

  1. Culottes

Culottes are rather peculiar trousers that are not suitable for every woman. Therefore, not everyone will purchase this model. In addition, you need to skillfully choose shoes for culottes so as not to spoil the image. This is easy to do if you choose sneakers or closed ankle boots.7 most unfortunate combinations of shoes and pants

  1. Skinny

Tight trousers began to be in less demand among women. It should be so. Jeans that fit the figure as if it were a second skin are not suitable for every slim girl. There is no need to talk about puffy beauties. Despite this, many people today prefer skinny jeans to other styles of jeans. The only plus of skinny shoes is that almost any shoe will fit under them, except for ballet flats.7 most unfortunate combinations of shoes and pants

  1. Sporty trousers

It used to be that sweatpants should only be worn for their intended purpose. Today no one adheres to this rule. Therefore, you can find girls in sports pants with heels. It looks ridiculous and funny.7 most unfortunate combinations of shoes and pants

It is worth adhering to the rules for choosing shoes for trousers so that the image remains stylish. Otherwise, you can be considered a woman who has no taste.


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