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7 must-haves in a women’s cosmetic bag in winter

In order for the skin to feel great, not flake off and not become inflamed in winter, it must be looked after every day. This should be done regularly. Only then will the effect be seen. In winter, care products must be supplemented or changed completely. Here are some remedies to help with winter care.

1. Cleanser

The most gentle and gentle cleansers should be present in a winter cosmetic bag. The main thing is that they should not dry out and irritate the skin. Carefully remove cosmetics with milk, cream or mousse. Don’t forget about micellar water. The main thing here is not to overdry the already dry skin.

2. Gentle peeling

Peeling in the winter should be, but it should be a mild remedy. Then it will cleanse the skin and remove dead particles gently. It is worth paying attention to peels with fruit acids. But scrubs with abrasive particles are best left for another season.

3. Nourishing cream

The nourishing cream is more relevant than ever. It is simply irreplaceable for winter. Skin needs regular nutrition. Therefore, the cream should be at hand. It is desirable that the cream contains oils. Then the skin will receive not only nourishment, but also protection.

4. Moisturizer

The skin needs hydration in winter. The thing is that outside the wind or frost dries the skin. Also, in the room in winter, dry air, since the heating is on. This means that moisturizing must be required. This is simply an irreplaceable step in skin care.

5. Moisturizing mask

Skin moisturizer alone is not enough. A mask is needed that can deeply moisturize the skin. Ready-made moisturizing masks will help with this. Therefore, it is worth stocking up so that the skin is moisturized.

6. Lip balm

The lips also need special care during the winter season. They are most negatively affected by dry indoor air, frost and wind. Lip balm can save them from peeling. It moisturizes and protects lips as well as possible.

7. Hand cream

Do not forget that hands need no less protection than facial skin. A protective cream should be at hand. He will cover his hands with a film that will prevent the skin from flaking and cracking. The cream should be applied to the hands not once a day, but several times.

All of the above care products are simply irreplaceable in a winter cosmetic bag. They will become beauty helpers and will save the skin from the effects of low temperatures.


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