7 of this summer’s best original prints spied on at fashion shows

If you want to brighten your look, a print is a great idea to add color to your everyday outfit. We have compiled the top 7 of the most fashionable, unusual and original prints for summer 2020, which will make your outfit stylish and effective.

1. Optical print

This print is perfect for lovers of color block – combining several shades in the image. For maximum effect, complement the outfit with formal glasses and geometric accessories.

Photo: Balmain

2. 70s floral print

Floral print is an absolute must-have for the summer season. To diversify your wardrobe, look at vintage prints on suits, skirts, and flying dresses.

The most fashionable prints of summer 2020
Photo: Fendi

3. Tropical print

For an exotic look, we recommend using dresses, blouses and tops with prints reminiscent of the wild jungle: images of animals, plants and flowers are all perfect for a summer bow.

What prints are in fashion in summer 2020
Photo: Mondadori Photo

4. Polka dots

The popular polka dot print has long become a real classic. In the summer of 2020, we recommend combining several variations of this print in one look.

Polka dot print for summer 2020
Photo: Carolina Herrera

5. Vichy cell

This print is great for summer, adding lightness and romance to the image. The Vichy print became popular thanks to Brigitte Bardot and was originally presented in blue and pink. Today, such a cell can be found in any color combination and vary in size.

Checkered print in clothes for summer 2020
Фото: Luisa Spagnoli

6. World map

This print probably owes its popularity to summer 2020 nostalgia for travel. The combination of several colors refreshes the image and allows you to select various accessories and shoes, creating unusual stylish combinations.

Trendy print with world map for summer 2020
Photo: Alviero Martini

7. Zebra

As you know, animal prints do not give up their positions. This summer, the zebra print is especially popular, which can be used not only as a bright accent, but also to create images in the total look style.

Animalistic zebra print for summer 2020
Photo: Mondadori Photo



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