7 stylish hairstyles that can be done on thin and short hair

Thick and well-groomed hair is the dignity of any woman. Unfortunately, nature has not endowed all beauties with luxurious hair. Many of the fair sex have sparse and thin hair. They are a lot of hassle as they are difficult to style. Often a woman does not know what kind of hairstyle to do, because after a few hours her hair simply turns into icicles.

Don’t be upset. Today professional hairdressers can offer not one, but several hairstyles for sparse and not too long hair.

  1. Laying with corrugation

To add volume to fine hair, you can use a corrugated curling iron. However, there is a little secret here: you need to curl your hair only at the very roots with a curling iron. Then they will become more voluminous. Then you just need to pin them with invisible ones.

  1. Curls

Splendor and volume are obtained when the hairstyle is obtained from small curls. Here you need to choose a nozzle so that the curls are small.

First, it is better to moisturize the hair with a mousse. Then the curls will remain for a longer time.

  1. Careless curls

Unlike small curls, careless curls are made with a curling iron of a larger diameter. To make the curls look casual. You need to go over them with a comb several times, about 5 – 6. Then you get the feeling of the very negligence that is necessary.

  1. Cascade

Hairdressers often offer this hairstyle to women with fine hair. The cascade creates a sense of volume due to the fact that the hair is cut with a ladder. Also, this hairstyle does not require styling. Just wash and dry your hair.

  1. Wet hair effect

Owners of thin hair do not even know that slicked hairstyles will suit them. It really is. But there is one option that still suits these women. The wet hair effect is what you need.

To create a hairstyle, you need mousse or foam. The product is applied to the hair. Then they need to be combed back.

  1. Double square

The volume will be obtained due to the fact that the stepping implies. You can add asymmetrical bangs here. It is also ideal for thinning hair.

  1. Ladder

A ladder is ideal for thin hair. It is somewhat reminiscent of a cascade. The difference is that the ladder is done on the side strands. As for the bangs, here you need to choose the option that suits.

If you choose the right hairstyle, then sparse hair can be styled and made more voluminous.

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