7 stylish ways to wear a pleated skirt this fall

Some girls find pleated skirts more suitable for the summer season. Plisse always brings fragility and femininity to the image, but it does it not only in summer. Fall is also great for creating a pleated skirt set. At the same time, the image will turn out to be stylish and modern.

  1. Short pleated skirt and boots

This option is suitable for young girls who have slender legs. Combine with over the knee boots and a jumper for a bold look. It is desirable to emphasize the waist line. Therefore, it is better to tuck the top of the ensemble into a skirt. Another option is a wide belt.

  1. Pleated midi skirt and ankle boots

The pleated midi skirt suits women of any age. The only thing worth considering is that the pleated skirt visually enlarges the hips. A shirt or blouse is suitable as a top. If a woman prefers oversize, then it is better to create a multi-layered look. In addition to the look, it is better to choose ankle boots with heels. In cold weather, you need to wear a long coat.

  1. Metallic pleated skirt

Metallic is at its peak this year. A skirt of this color will become the accent of the image. Therefore, the top must be chosen concise. For example, a knitted jumper or an oversized sweater. You can put on a shirt and a warm cardigan on top.

  1. Leather pleated skirt

Leather goods have been at the peak of their popularity for several years. They look stylish and impressive. The leather skirt is just made for fall. You can combine it with many things. For example, it could be a turtleneck, shirt, or sweater. For shoes, closed shoes or ankle boots are suitable.

  1. Pleated jersey skirt

A knitted skirt will keep you warm and comfortable in autumn. It is suitable for creating a casual look. You can wear a skirt under a coat or with a denim jacket. Then the shoes will fit on a low run. If a coat is worn on top, then boots will look harmonious with it.

  1. Chiffon pleated skirt

Despite the fact that a flying and thin chiffon skirt is more suitable for summer, it can be safely worn in warm autumn. A chiffon pleated skirt with a white shirt will be an ideal combination. You can wear a jacket or trench coat on top. Shoes are best chosen with wedges or stilettos.

  1. Wool pleated skirt

A pleated woolen skirt will be indispensable on cold days. It is not only comfortable and practical, but also allows you to create stylish looks. You can combine it with a chunky knit sweater, a coat and boots with a steady heel.

With the right combination, a pleated skirt will help you look fashionable and stylish even on gray autumn days.


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