7 surefire signs that you’ve finally found someone to marry !!

If you are thinking whether it is worth taking such an important step in life as marrying someone with whom you have been dating for a long time, here are the signs that you definitely will not regret:

You don’t have to pretend to him

You’ve reached a certain level of comfort with him, so you don’t feel the need to always wear makeup and dress up because you know he won’t judge that he loves you no matter what. You can be yourself, you can be weird, and that’s great.

He doesn’t want you to change

This is a continuation of the previous point. Change is inevitable, but he doesn’t force you. Someone who truly loves you will never ask you to change, unless it’s about bad habits. He loves you for your personality, for who you are, not what you can be. If he accepts you like this, he is a worthy man.

You are fighting right

Everyone is quarreling, the only question is how. Love is when you know when to stop, how not to hurt each other with a word, how to apologize, how not to forget about your feelings and promises in the heat of an argument.

You have the same values ​​and outlook on the future

No matter how much attraction you feel for each other, no matter how comfortable you are, it still comes down to literal things: what you want from life, what stages you are in. Politics, religion – if it matters to you, where do you want to live, how many children to have (and whether to have at all), how to distribute money – all this must be adopted unanimously, without compromise, otherwise nothing will work out anyway.

He never gets tired of listening to you

If he listens to you with all his attention and does not get tired of doing it, then he really loves you, because in fact it is not easy for men. But it’s easy when your happiness is important to him. Finding a loving and patient guy is not easy, so appreciate him.

He is always there

It’s not that you don’t part physically, it’s just that he is always there when you need you, at least emotionally. In good times and bad. If you can be happy together during such periods, then he is for you.

You become emotionally dependent on him

This is when you are happy and the first thing you want to do is share it with him. This is when you are sad and the first thing you want to talk about it with him. Because you know that no one else will be so happy and understand you the way he does. Such emotional dependence takes time, and if it exists, then the man has proven that he can be trusted and can be counted on.

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We wish you happiness!!

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