7 tips to withstand the heat!

Many people are still teleworking, the days are also very hot. Here are 7 tips for handling the heat.

The first heat arrives in France! And many people are still telecommuting. So how do you manage the heat at home? Here are 7 tips! MCE TV tells you everything.

With the return of the sun, the heat wave is also coming to the fore. Not easy then for all those who work at home ! And who therefore do not necessarily have access to air conditioning.

And yes, because even if we open all the windows the fresh air does not arrive. Sometimes it is even worse. So for all those who suffocate at home. We have the solution! Or rather 7 tips that will help you.

Thus, people working from home will be able to work at best in a comfortable and cool place !

Telework: 7 tips to better withstand the heat!

The 7 tips for managing the heat while working from home

If there is one thing that is certain, it is that opening the windows by teleworking, it makes even more heat in the house. And that’s what people tend to do the most. First advice, you must therefore close everything at home!

Including, shutters, blinds… The sun must not pass! You must then dress accordingly. So opt for light clothes. With materials that do not make you sweat.

Another tip, take off your socks ! The body is tempered thanks to the extremities. So if your feet are warm, your whole body will be!

In 4th, it is advisable to avoid coffee. This will only increase your body temperature. Whether eaten hot or cold! It may give you a heat stroke!

Then, work on a table! You will be much more comfortable there. In addition to that, it will prevent your computer from heating up in your lap.

Moreover, don’t forget to hydrate! It is very important. But especially at room temperature. Water that is too cold gives the wrong information to your body. So it could do the opposite effect.

And finally do not hesitate to refresh certain parts of your body! Wrists, neck, chest, or temples… These are the places that give off the most heat.

We hope that with his advice will help you withstand the heat better teleworking!


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