7 traits of an ideal woman

We often talk about how important it is to find a woman with whom we will swing on the waves of life, who will be there, no matter what happens. The choice of that one is one of the most important decisions in a man’s life, and perhaps the most important one. The woman with whom we decide to share our world will be the mother of our children, will help us make plans, bring us to our senses, make us better.

But what kind of ideal woman is she? For years we listened to what women want. At the same time, it was believed that we, men, only need a status wife. I disagree with that. What is important to us in a woman?

1. Character

Beauty is not how you look, but what you are. We want to see next to us the one who not only works on her appearance, but also tries to be sincere, real.

You are just like that with your friends – so be like that with us! We see how you laugh in your company, do not hold yourself back in our society. We like girls with a great sense of humor who don’t take life too seriously. Be yourself. Order a cheeseburger for lunch. Get dirty with ketchup – believe me, it’s not scary.

Feel free to meet us in a T-shirt or tracksuit. Forget about makeup and styling for a moment – we love it that way too. Well, yes, we love it when you dress up and look gorgeous, but you don’t have to do it just to get our approval. Do you feel obligated to do this? It means that next to you just the wrong man.

2. (Self) respect

How you present yourself speaks volumes. I’m not talking about clothes that emphasize the dignity of the figure (although I don’t see anything wrong with it). I’m talking about social networks.

They are your showcase. Where you go and with whom, what and how you speak, characterizes you as a person. And to be completely honest, we are rarely attracted by girls who attend all events in a row in any company. Boys looking for “popular” girls may still like this, but real men don’t play these games.

Your life should not be completely wide open: you need at least some kind of intrigue

We prefer the woman who reads a book at home to the woman who gets drunk with friends on weekends. Your life should not be completely wide open: you need at least some kind of intrigue. The less we know about someone’s life, the more interesting that person is for us. It motivates us to search, ask questions, dig deeper.

So our conversations with you become more meaningful. And if we are always aware of where you were and what you did, what could be interesting here?

3. Sensuality

Men are creatures of flesh and blood. Everything in us comes alive from the touch. And we are certainly attracted to women who are free in the manifestations of feelings. You want to be taken by the hand, kissed, hugged and asked how your day went. And we want the same! It helps you feel desired and strengthens your bond with your partner.

7 traits of an ideal woman

4. Mind

Life is more than a new handbag, designer shoes and a new episode of your favorite TV series. Although, we confess, we ourselves are too keen on watching football matches. Conversations with smart women turn on – with those who know a lot about the world around them and strive to make it better. They think critically and affect our feelings. Not every decision in life can be made without thinking, and when you feel insecure, it is especially useful if there is someone nearby who will help you make the right decision. This does not require a Harvard degree (and any other) – only intelligence, the ability to think and understand.

5. Confidence

Life is not easy. A new day is a new fight, and having a confident woman next to you helps a lot in pursuit of your dream. A woman who loves herself despite her shortcomings will love a man despite his disadvantages. Loving you, she will open any doors on the way to the stars with you. There is something sexy about confident women.

We do not notice half of your shortcomings – the very ones that you spend hours looking for in the mirror

Perfection does not exist, we are not looking for it. When a woman understands what she is worth, it is incredibly seductive. In the end, we are looking for someone who will complement us, and not just serve as a trophy.

She knows what she wants and does not wait for us to give it to her. She is happy with herself and her body. It may sound strange, but we do feel confident on a sexual level. It is an energy that attracts and gives an unforgettable sexual experience.

6. Ambition

Yes, we like the role of breadwinners of the family who plan everything, but we also like the women who plan with us. We do not want to make every single decision without exception. We need someone forward-thinking, someone who can look ahead.

Purposeful women are more obligatory. An unclear future is not about them: they know exactly what will lead them to their goal. Failure? They don’t even consider this scenario. Does she strive to be the best mother for her children? Making a successful career? This means that he will work on relationships in a couple. In difficult times, she will not give up so easily. But if she lacks ambition – not a fact.

7. Modesty

The energy of modest people is directed towards those around them, and for a man in search of a life partner, this is very attractive. Modest women empathize with others, putting their interests above their own, but they do it in such a way that they themselves find peace and protection. In such a relationship, our ego does not suffer.

Of course, there is something in playing a game called “you have to get me”, but agree, it takes a lot of energy. And please, if we tell you bluntly about our feelings and how beautiful you are, do not look at us as if we had a second head. Actually, it took us a lot of courage.

We used to think that looks, popularity and social status can help a girl find true love, but this is not so. What really matters is who you are. We need you with all possible flaws.

About the author: Anthony D’Ambrosio is a freelance writer.

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