8 effective tips for healing from around the world

Traditional remedies, ancestral rituals and exotic plants: they have crossed the ages escaping globalization. In the area of ​​health, some countries have clung to particularly effective solutions. They come from the end of the world or from very close countries, almost neighbors of ours. From Indian mouthwash from Ayurveda to facial reflexology techniques from Vietnam, including apitherapy from the Romanian countryside… these medicines from elsewhere can bring us a lot. Overview.

It’s proven ! Some ancient remedies are as effective as drugs. In Cameroon, a pharmacology researcher had Nauclea latijolia, the African peach tree, a tree well known to local healers who use it as a pain reliever. Result: the molecules contained in its bark are almost identical to those of Tramadol, a powerful analgesic. For 20 grams of plants, we would therefore find the effects of a tablet of this morphine derivative.

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