8 makeup trends you should definitely try this summer

Summer is coming, when every girl wants to look attractive and bright. Makeup will help with this, especially since there are trends in fashion that will not leave a girl unnoticed.

  1. Wide arrows

Wide arrows came into vogue. They can be very diverse. You can draw arrows on the upper and lower eyelids, reverse arrows also look interesting. In this case, they are drawn only from below, but not on the upper eyelid. As for the color, here you can give free rein to imagination. It can be both traditional black and colored arrows.

  1. Natural blush

It is fashionable this season when the cheeks look as if they have just come from the cold. To obtain this effect, blush is applied only to apples.

  1. Bright shadows

For a bright summer, bright shadow colors are just right. These can be colors to match the clothes or eyes. Neon shadows look interesting. It is worth noting that shadows can be applied casually. This summer, the contours shouldn’t be too sharp.

  1. Emphasis on eyelashes

An expressive look is also a fashion trend this year. Therefore, the cilia must be painted brightly. The look should be languid and attractive.

In this case, the lips should be barely noticeable.

  1. Wet lips effect

Lips should shine this summer. This can be achieved with a glossy sheen. It is best to choose a tone that matches the color of your natural lips, so that they look like they are slightly hydrated.

  1. Eyebrow styling with gel

The gel allows you to style your eyebrows thoroughly, from hair to hair. This makes the eyebrows look longer and a curve appears.

  1. Bright, dark lips

This season surprised all the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity with dark lipstick. Cherry lips were usually in vogue during the cold season. Today and in summer you can boast of such lips.

Bright lips suggest unpainted eyes. If a woman is used to walking with painted eyes, then they should be slightly painted. In this case, the emphasis will be on the lips.

  1. Gold

Gold can be present on eyelids, eyelashes and lips. These can be shadows, or you can simply use glitter to give a golden sheen to the lips or eyes. False eyelashes in gold color are offered to daring ladies.

Summer is passing very quickly. Therefore, it is worth trying fashionable novelties right now.

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