8 new dog breeds that almost no one knows about

In order for a breed with certain characteristics and appearance to be officially recognized, it is required that it has existed for at least 40 years. There is also an additional condition, according to which there must be at least 150 dogs in three generations.

In the USA there is a special kennel club (AKC), in which new breeds are annually entered into a special register, this does not mean that they appear exactly in that year, it means that they were recently recognized as new breeds.

This year, the register has been replenished with eight new species of dogs. Their total number is 195.

American hairless terrier

The dog is small, adults are medium in size. It turned out as a result of a mutation, when a female rat terrier in 1972 in Louisiana gave birth to offspring, among which there was a completely naked puppy. It was from him that the breed of hairless terriers began its existence, which was recognized as independent only in 2016. Now such a dog costs about 15 thousand rubles.


A direct relative of the curly-haired poodle – the barbet breed has existed for a long time, but received its recognition only in 2019 due to the fact that there are very few of them in America. Barbet dogs will definitely not be ignored during a walk, because they have a coat with an interesting structure that looks like a lot of curls. On average, the pleasure of having such a puppy costs about 15-20 thousand rubles.


Dry and lean Azawakhs are ancient hunting dogs, as evidenced even by their appearance. But for some reason, they were only recorded as a separate breed in 2019. Despite the fact that they are very fond of running and frolicking in the open space, they behave with restraint indoors and do not suffer from this. The cost of an Azawakh puppy is 25 thousand rubles.

Dogo argentino

White and muscular Great Danes have long been popular with breeders. Moreover, they appeared in general in the early 20s of the last century, but the AKC recognized them recently. The dogs were bred for the purpose of hunting very large animals that could even kill cougars. In this regard, they have a difficult character, which only a disciplined and experienced owner can master. The price of puppies starts from 15 thousand rubles.

Big Vendée Basset Griffon

Due to the abundance of wavy hair in this breed, it is sometimes even difficult to see the eyes. Dogs were taken as hounds in France, then in the 90s of the 20th century they came to America. They were started mostly by poor people who walked during the hunt. Because of this, the Vendée Basset is a very hardy breed and has a need for movement. You need to walk a lot with such dogs. The cost is 35-40 thousand rubles.

Dutch kooikerhondje

The breed was added to the AKC register in 2016, although it was already popular among North Americans at that time. The breed is hunting and very much like a spaniel, playful and loving long walks. True, koikerhondye dogs need education, because if you allow them a lot, their behavior deteriorates. In Russia, such dogs are rare, and therefore cost quite a lot – 40-60 thousand rubles.


Bred in 1700 in Hungary. For a long time we were there as herding dogs. It was entered in the register of the dog breeders club in 2016. Differs in quick wits, easy to teach. It is problematic to buy such puppies due to the difficulty of finding, their cost is in the region of 15-20 thousand rubles.


Slugs are very shy animals and are not suitable for everyone. In another way, they are called African greyhounds, they came to America in 1981, they were included in the AKC list in 2016. In America, they are often used as hunting hounds, since you can hunt any game with them. The cost is 40 thousand rubles.

Which of these breeds have you encountered before?


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