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There is no longer any doubt that several different styles harmoniously coexist in modern fashion. If a few years ago, massive moonboots were associated only with ski resorts and Armstrong’s first steps on the moon, then by this winter they have become part of everyday wardrobe and now confidently claim to be the most stylish shoe of the season.


Moonbuts, or lunar rovers, which, by the way, belong to the same category of ugly shoes (which does not make them less cool), got their name in honor of the first astronauts. The idea to adapt their outfit to real life and set a new unusual trend came to the designer Giancarlo Zannato in 1969 and became simply incredibly successful – literally after the release of the first collection, literally everyone began to walk in shoes of his new brand Moon Boot: from professional athletes to first ladies, moreover Paul McCartney was one of the brand’s most loyal fans at the time.

The real high point for moonboots was the early 2000s, when Paris Hilton was spotted several times in the models of pale pink and blue on the streets of New York. After some time, they were replaced by the same comfortable, but slightly less practical ugg boots, and now a second wave of popularity has come for boots in which you can conquer not only the Alps, but also megacities.


Most often, lunar rovers are made of light, but durable materials that do not allow moisture to pass through and protect well from the cold, so they are ideal for anyone who follows fashion trends, but does so without compromising comfort. At first glance, it may seem that it will be quite difficult to choose clothes for such shoes, but this is not so: moonbuts can be worn both with classic jeans, straight-cut trousers or leggings, and with A-line skirts and knitted dresses, complementing the image with voluminous down jackets , quilted jackets or sheepskin coats – it all depends on the weather and your mood.


Now moonboots in everyday life are often worn by Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss, Jessica Simpson, Victoria Beckham and many other celebrities, whose style can be a real source of inspiration. When shopping, remember that many brands that make lunar rovers indicate sizes with the letters – S, M and L – and produce pairs where the right and left boot do not differ from each other.

1 – Fendi, 2 – Grenson, 3 – Moon Boot, 4 – See by Chloé

5 – Jog Dog, 6 – Givenchy, 7 – Missouri, 8 – Moncler


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