9 current trends that are not ashamed to borrow from schoolgirls

Hair ties from the 90s

Elastic bands for hair from the 90s
The accessory, which Kerry Bradshaw ridiculed in one of the episodes, as an indicator of provincialism, has been on all the catwalks of the world for a year now – and is not losing ground. Soft and voluminous elastic bands are still a super trend. Choose velvet or satin, plain or with a variegated print – most importantly, remove the silicone spirals from your hands. Now the elastic is quite an accessory that can support the image and become a special accent in it.



They are also moving with us into the next season 2020. We leave voluminous velvet models and smooth plastic ones. Be careful with rhinestones this season, but satin ribbons and beads are options that are appropriate not only at a party.



Yes, and they too! We say: the entire arsenal of schoolgirl daughters is now at our disposal. Elastic bands with bows can be found in all mass market stores. They are appropriate everywhere: in hair, on clothes, and on bags. Small and cute in curls or large, holding a bun – here you can choose to your taste. Afraid to look infantile? Get inspired by Brigitte Bordeaux! This Frenchwoman at one time and brought bows to an adult environment.


Anything – with logos, colored, metal and plastic, large and smaller. Remember, remember how your mother used them to pin her bangs so that they would not get into your eyes during class? And even if now you proudly wear such a hairstyle, you should not neglect this accessory. This trend, as it came into fashion last season, is not going to go anywhere. Unless give your daughter or younger sister pearl hairpins – we leave them behind.

Plastic crabs

Plastic crabs

Oh, this beloved school hairstyle: I twisted a gull back there, crushed it with a crab – beauty. A trend that will greatly facilitate our morning preparations – even if not by 8 in the morning for a lesson, but nevertheless. Girls who follow catwalk trends quickly got their bearings and ordered such hairpins on Aliexpress, as soon as a model with a similar hairstyle left the catwalk. Those who did not have time to buy in the mass market and show rooms are 10 times more expensive.

Children’s earrings

Children's earrings
It is desirable that they be with cartoon characters, in funny children’s polka dots, in gentle pastel shades. Plastic, lightweight. The more they look like children, the better!



One or two voluminous, fishtail and even the most common braid are still in trend. To add relevance to your hairstyle, add in casualness and accessories. Here’s all the best that we talked about above, you can immediately or separately!

Socks with shoes

Socks with shoes

White knee-highs looked at the very least organic, but the socks sticking out of sneakers and sandals were awful in school photos. But now they are legal. Wear solid colors, funny prints or bulky ones – with sneakers and mom’s jeanes, shoes and short skirts – everything is possible!

MFew people feel really nostalgic about children with gladioli, flocking to schools in early September. Okay, maybe 5 minutes. We do not suggest to miss the lessons, but many of the stylish habits that we girls disliked are now on the top of the stylish lists, it is worth remembering about them. And what a blessing that we do not have to go to school to buy and wear all these cool accessories!

On the catwalks there are all the favorite accessories of the 90s: voluminous elastic bands, headbands, all kinds of hairpins and cute earrings. Who would have thought in childhood that all these things designed to remove strands from the face, so as not to interfere with writing in notebooks, would lead the main batch of a stylish image. We don’t take only colored hair with us in fashionable autumn 2020: it is fashionable and youthful, where the key word is youth. Practice all color dyeing only up to 16. Otherwise, you really risk looking infantile.

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