9 examples of women who looked much younger after dyeing

They often jokingly say: “Change your hair color and your life will change.” As surprising as these words may sound, they are true. If the coloring is successful, the tone is correctly selected or the shades are in harmony with each other, then the woman immediately looks younger. Here are some good examples of how hair color makes you look younger.

  1. Alena Shishkova

For 5 years, beloved Timati appeared before the public only in the form of a platinum blonde. It seemed that it could not be otherwise. It is worth noting that Alena went to her image. Therefore, it was hard to believe that she would ever decide to change the color. However, it happened. True, Shishkova has not changed dramatically. All that has changed is the tone. Instead of a platinum blonde, it became wheat. This made young Alena even younger. With a wheat hue, she looks natural, as if it were her own color.

  1. Olga Buzova

The participant of “House-2”, singer and presenter decided on a radical change of image after the divorce. From a blonde Olga turned into a brunette, thereby delighting fans. The girl has really changed. She became more attractive. Fans argued that Buzova can safely minus at least 5 years from her age. It is difficult to disagree with these words.

  1. Maria Pogrebnyak

The owner of her own clothing line decided to turn from a platinum blonde to a natural blonde. Staining in the airtach technique helped in this. The result was a rather feminine image, which immediately made Maria younger.9 examples of women who looked much younger after dyeing

  1. Anna Semenovich

The popular singer often experimented with images. She was a bright red beauty, then she turned into a blonde. The natural wheat shade of hair helped Anna create a natural look.

  1. Vera Wong

Wedding dress designer Vera Wong celebrated her 68th birthday. However, this is hard to believe, as she looks just fine for her age. In many ways, this was made possible by bold coloring. White curls break through from under the black hair.9 examples of women who looked much younger after dyeing

  1. Anita Tsoi

In this case, the opposite is true. Having become a blonde, the singer began to look much younger than her years.

  1. Evelina Khromchenko

Evelina Khromchenko, the host of Fashionable Sentence and fashion expert, looked younger when she changed her hair color and changed her hairstyle.9 examples of women who looked much younger after dyeing

  1. Polina Gagarina

It’s hard to believe that the once popular singer was brown-haired. One gets the impression that she has always been a slender blonde beauty.9 examples of women who looked much younger after dyeing

  1. Ekaterina Varnava

Catherine liked her fans in the form of a bright brunette. Today Barnabas’s hair has become lighter thanks to a complex dyeing technique. I must say that in the new image, Catherine looks even more attractive and younger.

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