9 signs you should marry her !!

If you are a normal man who wants a serious relationship with a decent woman, then the following tips for you how to understand that she is the one to marry:

She respects you

She respects you and your opinion, even if she doesn’t agree with it. It takes into account your desires and needs, what you say and what you want. She will never allow herself to laugh at you. You may have the wildest dreams, but she will support you. And her criticism will be constructive.

You have the same values

She doesn’t have to agree with you in everything, but what exactly should be the same for you is your values ​​in life: religion, family, friendship, goals. It will be difficult to live with someone who does not treat all this the way you do. Especially when children come along and you need to decide how to raise them.

She not only understands you, but also supports you in everything

She knows what you want from life and relationships. She understands and supports you in this. You can always count on her. Her confidence leaves you without any doubts. She understands your difficulties and makes compromises without complaining. She not only respects your goals and helps you achieve them, but also inspires you to believe in yourself.

She is not fixated on herself or on you

Modern girls often think that the relationship and the man should revolve around her. But love is the exact opposite of selfishness. When you love, you think of another person, you put him above yourself, you sacrifice something. At the same time, you don’t want to be with a girl who completely forgets about herself and her life for you. She should have her hobbies, goals, friends. There must be a balance.

Your relationship is her top priority.

Continuing the previous point – there should be balance, but your relationship should always be more important than the rest. She should show that it is important to her, make time for you and take an active part, not passive. You should be the first person she shares good and bad news with.

She is everything to you

If she’s the kind of person you can talk to when you don’t want to talk to anyone, marry her. With her you share everything, with her you start and end your day. You have a unique bond that you have never had with anyone else. You understand and feel each other.

She is responsible

You can be calm about your home and future children, because you know that she does everything right and approaches everything responsibly. You don’t need to tell her how she should dress and how to behave with your parents, because she herself knows where she is going. You trust her.

She strives to get better

Nobody is perfect and she understands that. You notice positive changes in her. And she inspires you to change too.

She knows exactly what she wants

And he knows how to get it. She has goals and she strives for them. She is ambitious and wants more for your relationship as well. She is ready to try.

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We wish you happiness!!

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