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9 things every bathroom should have


How to choose a bathroom mirror?

It is impossible to imagine a bathroom without a mirror – it meets us in the morning, helps us when washing, shaving, applying cream or makeup.

A mirror with a carved or unusual bright frame can become a highlight of the situation and distract from the small size of the bathroom. When choosing a product, rely on the style of the interior, do not be afraid to be original.

The standard high-gloss white furniture sets found in every hardware store make the bathroom look faceless. Instead of a traditional mirror, you can hang an unusual antique canvas, find a round illuminated product, or make a frame with your own hands from scrap materials.

Another useful function of a mirror is its magical ability to expand space. To save space in the bathroom and make it visually wider, you can use a simple recipe:

  • Replace the washbasin with a stand with a cabinet: it will hold the bulk of the hygiene products. Tubes and shampoos hidden behind facades will eliminate visual noise.
  • Hang a large mirror sheet instead of a small one, thereby adding light and increasing space.

If there is a sorely lack of space for storing care products, you can purchase cabinets with mirrored facades.

Round mirror

Mirrored cabinets


Another important item for the bathroom, which will add coziness and personality to it. Thanks to the rubberized coating, the product will ensure the safety of households: an ordinary fabric rug can slide on ceramic tiles.

Even if the bathroom has underfloor heating, textile decoration will help complete the image of the entire interior. For a more polished look, ditch the traditional synthetic flooring in unnatural shades.

Today, multi-colored self-woven rugs that fit into any interior have become very popular. They are inexpensive, but they look like works of manual labor. An example in the first photo.

Read how to make a do-it-yourself bath mat here.

Textile rugs in a modern interior

Bathroom rug

Towel dryer

If, with proper ventilation, mold forms in the bathroom, and the room does not warm up during the shower, it is worth replacing the water heated towel rail or supplementing it with an electric one.

  • By choosing water dryer, pay attention to the material indicated in the certificate: a stainless steel product will last much longer than black steel. In order not to be afraid of leaks, it is best to purchase a seamless model.
  • Range electrical dryer is huge, so it is easy to match it to the interior. For a compact bathroom, it is preferable to choose a folding model, and for a spacious one – with a large number of “steps”. You can hang it almost anywhere except in a wet area.

Heated towel rail with shelf

Black heated towel rail


An indispensable accessory for bath owners without a glass partition. The curtain zones the room, protects furniture and floors from water ingress, ensures privacy and also serves as a decorative function.

  • The cheapest curtains are made from polyvinyl chloride, and the thinner the material, the less it will last. The PVC product cannot be washed or cleaned.
  • More practical and functional curtains are made from polyester: they look like textiles, do not stick to the body, do not let water through. A budget option; can be washed at 40 degrees.
  • Fabric blended curtains are made from linen or cotton with the addition of protective impregnation. They have a variety of designs and look like real textile jewelry. Some manufacturers offer these curtains complete with a second protective curtain made of polyester. They look expensive, ordered individually.

Read more about bath screens here.

Double curtains

Shower curtain

Cup or brush holder

If there is high humidity in the bathroom, it is not recommended to leave the brushes in it. Wet bristles are a favorable environment for the emergence of pathogens, so it is preferable to keep the brush in the bedroom.

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Glass with dividers

If the bathroom is dry, then a special glass with separate holes should be allocated for hygiene items. The bristles of different brushes should not touch, especially during a period of illness of one of the family members or if there is a child in the house: “relocation” of flora from one object to another is unacceptable.

If the bathroom is combined, keep the brush as far away from the toilet as possible, otherwise E. coli can get on the bristles when flushed.

Freestanding brushes


It would seem such a trifle – but with a creative approach, towel hooks will become not only a utilitarian detail of the interior, but also its highlight. The main rule is to avoid cheap plastic copies., depriving the atmosphere of individuality. Want to add character to your bathroom? Take a closer look at hooks made from natural materials: wood and metal.

You can make a towel holder with your own hands by treating a piece of wood with a protective compound and nailing a collection of assorted clothes hangers to it.

Bathroom shelf and hooks

Round holders made of wood

Hooks in perforated board

A shelf

If there is not enough space in the cabinets for storing shampoos and jars, then you cannot do without an additional shelf. Again, we advise you to avoid cheap plastic – over time it turns yellow and wears out, and besides, it does not decorate the bathroom. Glass products are an excellent alternative., which give the atmosphere an airiness and harmonize perfectly with the modern interior.

Shelves made of wood are still relevant, as well as everything that replaces standard straight structures: metal and wicker baskets, textile pockets, boxes and even flower pots.

Read more about shelves here.

Basket shelf

Glass bathroom shelves

Laundry basket

When choosing this useful accessory, we recommend giving preference to bamboo, textiles and metal. Wicker baskets made of wicker bring coziness to the cold bathroom ambience and never go out of style.

Capacities made of dense matter captivate with their visual lightness, but at the same time they are stable due to the plastic bottom and keep their shape thanks to a secret metal frame. An alternative is a large wicker bag, set on the floor or hanging from a hook.

If the room is spacious and kept in a minimalist style, a drawer for linen will do.

Oval basket with lid

Pull-out basket

Wicker Laundry Bag

Accessories for children

15 Ideas for Organizing Bathroom Storage

If there is a baby in the house, you can make your life easier due to convenient bath accessories. The smallest a mesh bag for toys, which is fixed in any convenient place with suction cups. Now you don’t have to dry rubber ducks and boats, placing them on the shelves.

An older child will need a special stand or ladder for self-washing. Compact plastic stools, which are more suitable for cramped bathrooms, should have a non-slip surface. And the owners of a spacious bathroom can afford a full-fledged wooden ladder.

An alternative is a roll-out stand designed in the base of the cabinet.

Toy net

Ladder for a child

Roll-out stand

Thanks to the listed accessories, the bathroom will become even more comfortable, beautiful and functional.

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