9 things to remember to find the love you deserve

Your only task is to remember that you are worthy of the love of a good person. Keep this confidence deep in your soul, where it cannot be destroyed by the rejections, losses and selfishness that we all meet on the path of life.

If you believe that you are valuable in itself, then you will attract a person who will be able to appreciate you and who will want to spend their only life falling more and more in love with you.

If you give all of yourself, you will be left with nothing.

Leave a little for yourself. There is room for selfishness in relationships, in reasonable amounts. You don’t have to always give and sacrifice yourself. Your partner must meet you halfway.

Your boundaries dictate how you expect others to be treated.

Be clear about your relationship boundaries right away. Do not tolerate bad attitudes. Make sure you are treated the way you want.

Others will love you as much as you love yourself.

Show a little love for yourself and others will follow you. If you keep criticizing yourself, others will think they can do it too.

There are people you just cannot change.

Sometimes even all the love in the world is not enough to make a person become better.

A second chance is okay, but a third is the limit.

Everyone has the right to make mistakes. But when you are constantly disrespectful, when you are disappointed over and over again, you need to draw a line and it’s all over.

Everyone deserves happiness, and one’s happiness is never more important than another.

None of you have a monopoly on happiness in relationships.

Good deeds are important only if there are good intentions behind them.

Your partner may do the cutest things for you, but that’s not enough. He must do it sincerely. If he does this just to get something from you, then it is not sincere.

Better be aggressive than passive victim.

If your partner treats you badly, do something. Stop complaining about him to others. Be more proactive and aggressive to take the bull by the horns. This is a problem that passive behavior will not solve.

You can be as happy as you allow yourself.

Let yourself smile. Remember that in the end you decide whether you are happy or not. You make your own destiny.

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We wish you happiness!!

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